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    Save hours creating personalized data-driven presentations for sales, marketing, and success stories

    Tired of manually entering data from your CRM or Google Sheets to make your presentations, business reviews, or marketing content more relevant to your audience?

    Sellers should pitch to clients, instead of creating presentations.

    Sales strategy should find insights, instead of creating reports.

    Marketing should resonate with your audience, instead of creating one-size fits all content. And case studies should go online, instead of being produced.

    Wish you could save your team time, leverage your current technology stack, unleash the power of your data, and generate more revenue through personalization?

    It’s possible with SlideFill.


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    Enable your teams to automatically create data-driven content in 40% less time
    Save time creating more impactful data-driven content



    SlideFill Save hours creating personalized presentations
    Drive more revenue through unlimited personalized resonating presentations.

    SlideFill enables yours team to automatically create data-driven presentations in up to 40% less time using your Google Sheet or CRM client data.

    No coding is required. Elevate your sales, marketing or reporting teams productivity in three simple steps:

    1. Connect your data source
    2. Upload a presentation with placeholders
    3. Generate unique personalized content

    Thanks to the user-friendly interface integrating directly with Google Drive you can start creating sales, marketing and business material in just a few clicks.

    No more copy/paste or generic presentations. Tailor every presentation directly to your audience to resonate better, get more conversions and drive more revenue.

    Create unlimited custom presentations from your customer's data and unlock the power of personalization.

    You can create, delete, edit, share and download your content created through SlideFill directly from the software or via Google Drive.

    Plus, you'll be able to use on-brand templates with unlimited placeholders to maximize your output.

    Create presentations in three simple steps directly from Google Drive.

    The last thing you want to worry about is your data privacy and the need for additional software. SlideFill directly integrates with Google Drive and doesn't require other tools.

    Even better, all your customer's data and presentations stay on your Google Drive and is protected by Google's security and scopes.

    You keep your customer's data in Google Sheets, create presentation templates with placeholders via Google Slides and get connect the two through SlideFill to make unique content stored on your Drive.

    From there, you can directly share with customers or internal stakeholders ensuring the most efficient flow.

    Easy mapping of data and no coding required.

    Simply use column headers in a Google Sheet as placeholders in your presentation template to tell SlideFill where you want to insert your data. There is no coding required, the software will create a unique presentation per data row.

    SlideFill has more than >50 use cases for sales, marketing, reporting and business including:

    • Refresh business reviews
    • Invite clients to different webinars
    • Make better performing pitch decks
    • Send out follow-ups after offline events
    • Create personal birthday or holiday cards
    • Generate product marketing content at scale
    • Publish automatically created success stories
    • Produce thousands of creatives in three clicks
    • Present upcoming product features and services
    • Roll-out motions for different regional sales teams
    • Drive employee and job interview candidate feedback
    • Improve your new lead program aligned with leads info
    • Mail clients with a personal monthly performance report
    • Tailor onboarding programs for new employees at your company
    • Share localized and relevant case studies with your target audience
    • Build social media or website visuals automatically from your template
    Earn back your investment after creating 4 presentations.

    Time is money. Good news: you will earn back your investment after creating 4 presentations with SlideFill. The software will increase your teams' productivity allowing your team to save time and focus on revenue generating activities such as talking to clients.

    On top of that, you will see increased conversions and revenue thanks to personalization. According to "The value of getting personalization right - or wrong - is multiplying" study by McKinsey; 71% of customers expert personalization and companies mastering customization realize 40% more revenue.

    Focus your time on what really matters while embracing the power of personalization.

    Get lifetime access to SlideFill today!

    From the founders

    New Features PDF Export & More

    Hi Sumo-lings,

    Megan calling for duty 🫡

    We’ve listened to your feedback and are launching additional features.

    But first…

    It’s been 60 days since we launched AppSumo. We’ve felt your love, we’ve acknowledged your feedback and we’ve discovered how you’re using SlideFill


    It’s pretty cool to see you all building content with SlideFill. Whether it’s to prepare contracts, prepare customer success decks, send out event invitations or create school curriculum.

    To help new users on the way, we’ve consolidated the top 10 use cases of SlideFill.


    You’ve been asking and we have delivered. Today, I am happy to roll out a bunch of new features that you requested through our support form:

    1️⃣ PDF Download

    You can now download your presentations and content in PDF format. Need bulk export? No issues! We’ve built that too!

    2️⃣ Microsoft 365

    Don’t have Google Sheets or Presentations handy to get started? We got you. You can now use Microsoft Office 365 documents or in simple terms: Excel and Powerpoint.

    3️⃣ Content Management

    Looking for presentations you’ve created in the past? Use our new filters to make content management easier. We will be expanding these features pretty soon!

    4️⃣ Multiple Google Drives

    From now on, one account can support multiple Google Drive Accounts. Navigate to your profile, disconnect your current Google Drive and connect a new one to create more.

    5️⃣ User Interface

    Onboarding can be a pain. To make it easier for new users to start making content, we’ve created a complete new onboarding experience for you!


    There is a lot coming in the next few months. As we value transparency, we now have a public roadmap keeping track of all the upcoming new features.

    You can find the SlideFill Product Roadmap on our website.

    • New features coming in the next few months:
    • Charts and Tables
    • API and Webhooks
    • User Management
    • SMTP Presentation Sharing
    • Visuals and Images via URL
    • Advanced Content Management

    That’s it for now!

    Thank you so much for supporting us, please do leave a review if you have a good experience with SlideFill.

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