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    Doing your online research is essential, whether you’re revamping your content marketing efforts or going on a first date. (That’s so crazy that we both like fly fishing and Tame Impala!)

    But when it comes to your content marketing strategy, all that information on the Web can be overwhelming, making it hard to know where to start, what to include, or when you’re even done.

    You need an intuitive tool to get the scoop on hot content, competing brands, and major influencers.

    Meet Social Animal.


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    Instantly analyze millions of articles to find top content trends and sources
    Discover the right influencers for the right content to boost your reach, plus find the best channels for your specific content
    Monitor competitors and track their content’s performance to score valuable insights
    Best for: Digital agencies and pro bloggers who want detailed content insights for better marketing and social media strategies


    Social Animal is a web tracking tool that analyzes top-performing content and authors for detailed insights on your choice of topics or keywords.

    The Internet is an ever-changing zoo, but Social Animal is content marketing research on beast mode.

    With the powerful search function, you’ll streamline your research process from hours to seconds.

    Enter any keyword to find top-performing content, articles, authors, and domains, and get a complete overview for the topic you have in mind.

    Social Animal sifts through millions of articles and sites to give you the most relevant results, resulting in actionable insights.

    Search any keyword to discover its top content, authors, articles, and domains.

    Now that you’ve done your research, Social Animal is here to analyze it.

    Easily track the total engagement of content across platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Pinterest with specific numbers for each platform.

    You can find when and where the content was published to inform strategic decisions, like where to house your articles or the best time to post them.

    Analyze engagement with statistics across social media platforms.

    To know your enemy, you must become them — Social Animal excels at conducting field research on competitors.

    Analyze their top-performing content, best authors, and preferred social media networks with only a few clicks.

    With handy visualizations, you can also see their posting process across specific timeframes and save posts/articles for inspiration later!

    Reverse engineer content strategies from the opposition, then regroup and reassess to make improvements to your own strategy.

    This is a game you play to win — just like the game of thrones or Monopoly with Grandma.

    Analyze your competitors for an inside look at their content strategies!

    Finding influencers to boost your content is super easy, too.

    Social Animal highlights the right person for the right content, so you’ll have a readymade list of influencers for potential collaboration.

    You can filter your results by Bloggers, Celebrities, Journalists, and more to pinpoint exactly who you’re looking for and increase your social reach.

    Easily find the perfect influencers for your content to grow your audience and expand your reach.

    For marketers looking to increase their Facebook engagement, Social Animal has you covered.

    Keyword searches scan millions of Facebook pages and posts to find the ones with highest engagement.

    You’ll get an overview of Reactions, Comments, and Shares to see exactly how audiences are interacting with the content posted.

    Time to get your Zuckerberg on.

    Get the inside scoop on Facebook to analyze effective content and define your strategy!

    If you’re doing all your content marketing research manually, you might as well be reading dusty old tomes by candlelight.

    Why waste valuable time for not enough data (or payoff)? Don’t miss out on opportunities to grow your brand.

    Shift your content strategy into overdrive with a user-friendly tool that delivers instant insights into content trends, influencers, and sources.

    Get lifetime access to Social Animal today!

    P.S. Learn how to use Social Animal like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

    P.P.S. Social Animal is part of our social media toolkit to level up your organic content. Check out the full post here!

    From the founders

    March 18, 2020

    Howdy, Sumo-lings!

    This is Naren, co-founder of Social Animal.

    It is a simple paragraph you’re reading, but to put this out — to get to this point — it took us years. Years of building a product that solves real problems for content markers. Years of discussions, research, trials and tweaks to get it just right to inspire the content marketer in you. After all, what else would the data nerds at Social Animal rather work on than to figure out how to put data on more than a billion top performing articles to work for you, our audience. We’ve made it our mission to make content marketing more fun for you. No one says content marketing is easy, but we can lend a helping hand and a powerful one at that. Backed by data on hundreds of millions of high performance content.

    Social Animal is designed to carefully aid you in every step of your workflow, fitting like a hand in a glove. Whether researching content, monitoring the performance of content from your competition, finding new influencers for keywords you care about, getting actionable insights like when to post content on a particular keyword and which network might give you the most amplification and a powerful Facebook search and analysis feature that will blow your mind are some of the features we’ve built to make your life as a content marketer easier.

    Social Animal features that let you research content, get deep insights on keywords, competitors, authors and networks, find new influencers to amplify your content’s reach, research Facebook for your keywords are neatly laid out in its dead simple, intuitive UI. Going beyond just simple-to-use UI, these features are designed to embrace and enhance your day-to-day workflow, seamlessly weaving intelligence and analysis from hundreds of millions of top performing articles into your everyday activities.

    Talking about being proactive, Social Animal works hard for you without you even having to log into it. Tell us about keywords you care about and competitors you want to keep an eye on, Social Animal goes to work and sends you a dossier every day. You are kept abreast of top performing content for keywords you care about and how content from those pesky competitors of yours is doing.

    However large or small your content marketing efforts, we believe Social Animal can be a part of it, putting Natural Language Processing and Data Science to work for you. Let’s make content marketing fun!

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