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    Collect video and written testimonials from your customers that you can share online

    Nowadays, you can’t expect folks to buy into your business without video reviews from satisfied customers. (“No shout outs, no check outs.”)

    But getting customers to record video testimonials is a tough sell—and embedding them on your website is even more frustrating.

    If only there was a platform that let your customers record videos, write testimonials, and even turn AI conversations into detailed reviews.

    Say hello to Socialjuice.


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    Collect video and written testimonials using a simple landing page or AI chatbot
    Embed real customer testimonials on your website using a copy-and-paste code snippet



    Socialjuice is a video-first customer review platform that lets you easily collect and share written or video testimonials.

    Collect real customer testimonials

    Socialjuice lets customers record video testimonials and write reviews that help promote your business to new prospects.

    • Customize the review collection page using your branding, logo, and custom domain
    • Share the link via email or SMS to start collecting reviews from your customers

    Collect testimonials

    Get video and written testimonials from your customers using a branded review collection page.

    Social proof for your website

    Want to convert more site traffic? You can embed a widget to display reviews on your website with a simple copy and paste.

    • Get email notifications for new reviews so you can quickly approve them
    • Only showcase the testimonials that you approve

    Testimonial widget

    Embed testimonials on your site with a simple copy-paste code snippet.

    Turn reviews into social posts

    Thanks to the Socialjuice Designer, you can turn testimonials into social posts to spread the word online.

    • Edit the colors, backgrounds, and sizing to create social posts that fit your branding
    • Export the design and share it on social media

    Socialjuice Designer

    Transform customer reviews into social posts that you can edit and share online.

    Leverage Socialjuice AI

    Best of all, your customers can interact with the AI chatbot to get the kind of social proof that’ll actually convert new prospects.

    • Send customers straight to your AI chatbot so they can reply to specific questions
    • Generate useful, detailed, and glowing reviews based on their responses
    • Reduce friction and make it easy for customers to sing your praises

    AI chatbot

    Generate detailed reviews using the conversation between customers and your AI chatbot.

    With Socialjuice, you can collect video and written testimonials from your customers to showcase on your website or social media.

    Put your best review forward.

    Get lifetime access to Socialjuice today!

    From the founders

    From the founder - 6/2024

    Hey Sumo-lings! We're back!🎉

    Last time on AppSumo was a success, we got so much valuable feedback, and became a valuable tool in the toolbelt of so many of you.

    But we have been busy in the past few years, and made Socialjuice SO much better than the last time we were here.

    We're excited to help boost your online presence, reputation and conversion with our review toolset! Let us know what you think!

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