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    Transform your audio content into stunning videos, podcast show notes, blog posts and more!

    For every podcaster and audio content creator who's ever wanted an easier way to create visually appealing videos: meet SoundMadeSeen. Our platform empowers you to turn your audio into fun and engaging videos in just a few clicks.

    SoundMadeSeen turns your audio content into visually engaging videos, featuring customizable audio visualizers, progress bars, and text-to-speech functionality, tailored for podcasters, authors, and content creators.

    • Multiple Audio Upload Options: Select podcasts, upload audio files, record directly, or utilise text-to-speech functionality.
    • Customizable Design Templates: Choose from pre-made design templates or use the easy-to-use design editor for custom creations.
    • High-Accuracy Transcription: Benefit from precise transcription services, complemented by user-friendly transcription editing tools.
    • One-Click Content Analysis: Utilize AI-driven analysis for insightful content evaluations with just a single click.

    Start with SoundMadeSeen today and bring a new dimension to your audio experiences.


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    Enhance your audio content and effortlessly create fun and engaging videos
    Transform your podcasts, music, and narration into captivating videos with SoundMadeSeen



    Some of the available upload options in SoundMadeSeen.

    Multiple Audio Upload Options

    Find and select your podcast episode, upload audio or video files, record your audio directly, or utilise powerful AI text-to-speech functionality.

    Upload background audio to add music or other atmospheric elements to your videos.

    SoundMadeSeen's powerful design editor.

    Unleash your own creativity using SoundMadeSeen’s powerful design editor for your own custom creations or choose from a growing library of design templates!

    Choose from our pregenerated background videos, upload your own, or choose from Pixabay's vast library of copyright free videos and images.

    Add audio visualisers, progress bars, text, subtitles and more, then save your design for later use.

    SoundMadeSeen's AI image generator at work.

    The AI image generator can create (nearly) any image your heart desires. Enter your own prompt, or conjure up a random one from our pre-tested bag of goodies!

    Super easy content generation

    Generate podcast show notes, social media posts and blogs with our fun and simple interface. SoundMadeSeen's AI tools will automatically generate text tailored to your audience, based on your audio content, saving you hours.

    Choose from 12 different tones for your generated text, from humorous to inspirational and refine your content with detailed instructions.

    An example of SoundMadeSeen's content analysis tools.

    Benefit from precise transcription services, complemented by user-friendly editing tools and speaker labelling functionality.

    Utilize AI-driven analysis for insightful content evaluations with just a single click. Get suggestions on the best parts of your audio to turn into video clips, and potential topics to explore in your social media posts.

    Generate tailored content based upon your audio to create show notes, blog posts, email newsletters and more.

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