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    Customize AI-generated, royalty-free music for original tracks that make your project stand out

    If there’s anything we've learned from the Hamilton craze, it’s that amazing music can elevate any project. (And that Lin-Manuel Miranda would destroy your history teacher in a freestyle.)

    But since you’re not a music composer yourself, you’re stuck using basic stock music services that offer a bunch of overused tracks.

    What if you could customize tunes yourself and create original, high quality soundtracks for your projects—all without a crash course in music theory?

    Say hello to SOUNDRAW.


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    Compose entirely unique AI-generated musical tracks based on theme or mood
    Alternative to: Artlist, Epidemic Sound, and Amper Music
    Intuitively customize the instrumental structure of any song with a license that covers complete free use of rearranged tracks
    Best for: Video creators, podcasters, and game developers who need one-of-a-kind musical tracks


    SOUNDRAW is an AI music generator that allows all creators to freely customize the length, composition, and instruments of unique, royalty-free music.

    With SOUNDRAW, you can create custom music based on your specified tempo, instruments, and genre of music.

    Just choose from a list of themes or moods and SOUNDRAW’s AI will automatically generate 15 original tracks within your chosen musical framework.

    And since SOUNDRAW gives you royalty-free music, you can add your custom songs to any multimedia creation, from movies and TV ads to YouTube videos, podcasts, and beyond!

    Music generator dashboard

    Automatically generate endless audio tracks based on your musical preferences, thanks to SOUNDRAW’s AI music generator!

    You can also further customize the length, composition, and individual instruments within any given track for personalized, project-perfect music.

    And because the grind never stops, SOUNDRAW lets you download unlimited music and use it for any projects on any platform.

    Download any of your generated music in the standard audio WAV file format for easy, fuss-free use.

    Customizable music tracks

    You can customize music to fit your projects, by adjusting instruments, tempo, and so much more.

    Need to edit a track? SOUNDRAW lets you easily revise tracks you’re still perfecting!

    Save any incomplete or working tracks in the “Keep” section of the tool, and then go back to them later to complete client edits or even revisit and reuse them for future projects.

    SOUNDRAW’s URL feature also lets you quickly share in-progress tracks with your clients and your team.

    Best of all, you can use SOUNDRAW in your Google Chrome browser. Whether your teammates are Team Windows or Team Apple, they can always seamlessly access, create, and edit music.

    Browser dashboard access

    Use SOUNDRAW in your Google Chrome browser, and enjoy an accessible creation and editing experience.

    And for those of you a bit savvier with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, the awesome plugin lets you use all the SOUNDRAW features in alternate applications.

    That means you can modify tracks in conjunction with your video editing process for advanced quality and cohesion.

    Because the tracks are imported into working files, you’ll get a simplified editing process for smooth-sailing content creation that sounds like a masterpiece.

    Adobe app plug-in

    Integrate SOUNDRAW into Adobe programs to create seamlessly edited, cohesive projects.

    Backing your multimedia content with overused songs just doesn’t sound like a hit. (“I swear, if I hear ‘O Fortuna’ in one more butter commercial…”)

    With the power of AI on your side, you can easily generate original music that complements your projects.

    Boost your content creation with great tracks that set your work apart from the crowd.

    Get lifetime access to SOUNDRAW today!

    From the founders

    September 23, 2021

    Hey Sumo-lings,

    I’m Daigo, CEO of SOUNDRAW.

    I am very excited to share our product with AppSumo Community!

    My dream is to create a completely new product that no one has ever seen before. I also love dancing and won the national dance competition in Japan twice when I was a student. This is why I came to love music so much.

    SOUNDRAW is a product born from a combination of my dream of “creating something” and my passion for music.

    I make videos as a hobby, and I am very particular about the background music I use. However, it was very time-consuming to find royalty-free music that would fit the video perfectly in terms of the mood of the song, length, and exciting parts. At that time, I thought it would be very convenient if I could easily create music by myself, and I came up with the product idea of SOUNDRAW.

    Conventional stock music services require you to listen to a huge number of songs of a certain length and composition one by one, so it takes time to find the perfect music for your video. SOUNDRAW can generate music in a short period of time by freely changing the length, structure, instruments, etc. of the music to find the perfect music. The era of royalty-free music is changing from “searching” to “creating”.

    Ex 1), let’s say you want to make an ad video that is about 10-15 seconds long. In such a case, you can easily create music of the perfect length using SOUNDRAW. You can also freely change the music composition, such as making the first 5 seconds quiet and the second 5 seconds lively.

    Ex 2), If you want to make an interview video and the music is too loud, it will interfere with the voice. In that case, use SOUNDRAW. You can easily create drum-driven music by removing the melody and other distractions. In this way, you will be able to create a video in which the music sounds light and the interviewer’s voice is easy to hear.

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