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    Create original music with this AI-powered music copilot

    It’s one thing to have musical talent and another to know how to use complex music production tools. (“Does FL Studio stand for Feeling Lost in the Studio or what?”)

    Even creating simple songs can cost a small fortune in software, samples, and hardware, making it impossible to bring your musical ideas to life.

    What if you had a user-friendly yet powerful AI tool that let you generate musical arrangements in a matter of minutes?

    Make some noise for Soundverse.


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    Create multi-track songs using the Arrangement View and layer individual elements to make your song
    Transform your ideas into music by telling the AI what you’d like to hear and letting it work its musical magic



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    Soundverse is an AI-powered music production tool that helps you write, arrange, and produce original music in just minutes.

    Soundverse lets you create music with a simple text prompt describing what you’d like to hear—and then the AI will generate it for you.

    Choose the duration of your music, ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. There’s even an option to make your production loopable to best fit your use case!

    Whether you want a short royalty-free song for your YouTube intro or a longer track to publish on its own, this tool lets you whip it up without breaking a sweat.

    Text to Music

    Create music by simply typing a short prompt of what you want to hear.

    Soundverse also has a stem separation feature that lets you split any song into separate tracks to individually hear the drums, piano, bass, or other instruments.

    It even works with uploaded music, making it a cinch to sample the melody or bass track of your favorite songs.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced producer or just getting started—you’ll get total control over your musical arrangements, from layering to flow.

    Stem Separation

    Separate any AI-generated or uploaded audio file into individual tracks

    You’ll even be able to put together stems and loops to compose a custom multi-track song—no complex software required!

    Soundverse gives you everything you need to create segments for the intro, build-up, beat drop, hook, outro, and more.

    In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to tweak and perfect every aspect of your song until it matches your creative vision.

    Arrangement View

    Producing a multi-track song is as easy as arranging loops and stems in a grid view.

    Have a particular output you love? Soundverse lets you extend the audio track to keep the music going for as long as you want.

    You can also make edits to any generated audio file simply by typing what you want the AI to change.

    And because you can extend and change an uploaded audio file, you'll be able to repurpose any audio clip into a full-length song.

    Extend Audio

    Extend any audio file into a longer song with a single click.

    You shouldn’t have to study years of music theory to create a bop for your content. (“Forget Beethoven—I’m trying to channel Charlie Puth.”)

    Luckily, Soundverse is packed with AI features that make music production as easy as entering a text prompt.

    Create original music with AI.

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