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    As name suggests, it takes your speech and summarises them into notes of your desired format

    Introducing Speech to Note: The game-changer for content creators and professionals. No more scribbling; let your voice become your notes.

    With its intuitive voice-to-note conversion, transform up to 15 minutes of speech or upload 50 MB of audio and get organized notes instantly.

    Break the language barriers effortlessly; speak in your language, and let Speech to Note deliver crisp outputs in the language of your choice.

    Organize with ease using its tagging feature and customize notes in various formats to suit your style. Elevate your content creation with Speech to Note, making every word count.


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    Instantly transform spoken words into organized summaries with AI-driven technology
    Customize summary formats and effortlessly retrieve notes with tagging capabilities


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    Experience the power of our AI-driven tool as it instantly transforms your spoken words into summaries.

    Experience a seamless blend of innovation and simplicity. With SpeechToNote's advanced voice-to-text technology, lengthy audio recordings are instantaneously condensed into clear, concise summaries.

    Gone are the days of sifting through hours of recordings; with a mere click, pinpoint the essence of your content.

    Whether you're delving into a 15-minute discussion or a brief snippet, the tool's prowess lies in its ability to prioritize, ensuring you focus on the crux of the matter.

    Harnessing the potential of Speech to Note for instant transcription and summarization.

    But it doesn't stop there. SpeechToNote is designed with you in mind, offering customizable styles that resonate with your unique requirements.

    Whether you're drafting a LinkedIn post, composing a formal email, or structuring minutes of a meeting, adaptability is at your fingertips.

    And as language barriers fade into the background, revel in the promise of flawless summaries, with multi-language options now part of it.

    Add a touch of personalization with custom tags and edits, ensuring every summary aligns perfectly with your vision.

    Transform your spoken words into instant summaries with a single click -- your speech, our summary.

    In essence, SpeechToNote is more than a tool—it's a transformative experience tailored for the modern professional.

    By seamlessly converting spoken words into structured summaries, it elevates your content creation journey, making it faster, smarter, and profoundly efficient.

    So why wait? Embrace the future of note-taking and content creation with SpeechToNote today.

    From the founders

    Speech to Note v1.9 Released on May 18 2024

    Welcome to the latest update of Speech to Note

    In this video, we dive deep into all the exciting new features of the latest Speech to Note version 1.9, released on May 17th.

    Our biggest under the hood update is that all summary generations are now powered by OpenAI's GPT4o making your summarization process smarter than ever Transcriptions continue to be powered by Whisper, ensuring high accuracy as always.

    Here's a quick rundown of what's new

    1. New Recording Options

    Now you can choose to record only the transcript by disabling the note format option. Focus solely on transcribing, and when you're ready, simply enable note format for additional functionalities.

    Improved UI with fewer distractions while recording, making the notetaking process seamless.

    2. Quick Language Selector

    Easily switch transcript languages on the go. Perfect for handling downtimes or getting better translations.

    Supports quick toggling between languages, for example, from English to Hindi and vice versa.

    3. OneClick Transcript Copying

    Added a handy copy icon for you to easily copy and paste your transcripts with just one click

    4. Flexible Copy Options for Summaries

    Now, you can copy summaries either as markdown or plain textideal for different platforms like email software that may not support markdown.

    5. UI Improvements

    Enhanced Back to Dashboard button for better navigation.

    Streamlined tag visualization in the settings, now showing all your tags without truncation.

    6. Webhooks Integration

    Connect webhooks to your account easily and share your notes directly via webhooks. A community tutorial is available for step-by-step guidance.

    7. Extended Format Support and Improved Credits UI

    Added support for OGG file format in the UI.

    Simplified process to add more audio credits directly from your dashboard.

    We value your feedback Your support helps us grow better. Try out these new features and let us know what you think or what you'd love to see in future updates.

    Thank you for being an amazing community


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