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    Document your steps in no time: Capture SOPs, screenshot guides and share through GDrive

    Introducing Stepsy - the solution to creating effective documentation and training materials in minutes!

    Say goodbye to the struggle of explaining complex processes to your team and customers. With Stepsy's simple browser extension, you can easily capture screenshots, annotate images, and create step-by-step guides that resonate with your audience.

    Plus, our software automatically masks preconfigured PII data and merges duplicates, so you can focus on creating quality content. Finalize your documentation in Google Docs and export it as a PDF or share it on the web.


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    Capture screenshots and generate step-by-step guides in minutes with Stepsy
    Automate your documentation process and delegate tasks easily



    Create step-by-step guides in minutes with Stepsy's browser extension.

    With Stepsy, documenting your processes and training materials has never been easier.

    Our browser extension allows for simple and secure deployment without the need for elevated privileges.

    With just one click of the record button, every mouse click generates a screenshot and text description. You can then easily edit the screenshots and export them as Google Doc tutorials, without being locked into any vendor-specific software.

    Train your team, delegate tasks, and share knowledge effortlessly with Stepsy - the ultimate documentation solution.

    With Stepsy, you can train and delegate tasks to your team, share knowledge and create a knowledge base, deliver documentation to clients, and document your business processes all in one simple and powerful solution.

    Effortlessly capture and share step-by-step guides with Stepsy.

    With Stepsy, you can capture your process way faster than the traditional method of capturing, editing, and pasting.

    The tool captures screenshots on every mouse click and highlights the clicked area, generating a step-by-step guide without you manually typing text.

    Stepsy also automatically removes duplicate steps and enables you to share the captured process in various formats such as Google Drive, PDF, Word, or save as a local zip file or static HTML page.

    Revolutionize your training and documentation process with Stepsy.

    In summary, Stepsy is the solution you need to create effective documentation and training materials in a matter of minutes.

    Whether you're an IT operations team, enterprise consultant, CEO, founder, or HR/trainer, Stepsy can help you automate processes, delegate tasks, and train employees with ease.

    Don't waste time on tedious documentation - try Stepsy today and see how it can revolutionize your workflow.

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