Sticker Mule Temporary Tattoos

    One-time payment. Lifetime deal.

    Get a set of 10 custom temporary tattoos printed on skin-safe, water-resistant ink

    Temporary tattoos have come a long way from doodling designs on your own hand. (“Oops, probably shouldn’t have used a permanent marker...”)

    But if you haven’t created temporary tattoos before, it can feel like you have to choose between skin safety or bold, colorful body art.

    Good thing there’s a platform that makes it easy to create stunning temporary tattoos with water-resistant, FDA-approved ink.

    Meet Sticker Mule Temporary Tattoos.


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    Upload any design, photo, or text to create a custom tattoo printed with skin-safe ink
    Share your fake tattoos with others to build brand awareness, or test out a design before committing to the real thing



    Sticker Mule Temporary Tattoos lets you upload any design to create custom temporary tattoos with skin-safe, water-resistant ink.

    Fake tattoos, real fun

    With this deal, you’ll get 10 3-by-3-inch custom temporary tattoos—all you have to do is upload your design, photo, or text.

    • Print custom tattoos in full color using skin-safe ink that’s water-resistant and lasts one to three days
    • Apply your tattoos in seconds with a wet paper towel and easily remove them with baby oil

    Tattoo in water

    Get a skin-safe, water-resistant temporary tattoo that’s a breeze to apply.

    Perfect your design

    • Approve an online proof of your tattoo with cut lines and borders before printing
    • Automatically enhance low-resolution designs for better tattoos

    And because you can request any changes to your proof free of charge, you know your temporary tattoos will look exactly how you want them to.

    Online proof

    Review your tattoo design online and make changes for free until you’re satisfied.

    Signed, sealed, delivered

    Best of all, Sticker Mule delivers to most countries within four days for free, so you can start sharing your tattoos in no time.

    • Distribute your custom tattoos at parties or brand-building events
    • Switch up your look or test a design before committing to the real thing

    Temporary tattoos

    Create tattoos for events like birthdays and weddings, or show them off at the office.

    With Sticker Mule Temporary Tattoos, you can create high-quality, skin-safe tattoos that are easy to apply and remove.

    Share your fake tattoos.

    Get lifetime access to Sticker Mule Temporary Tattoos today!

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    Temporary Tattoos Announcement

    Hey Sumo-lings,

    We are excited to showcase one of our most popular Sticker Mule products - Custom temporary tattoos!

    Each tattoo is printed in full color using skin-safe inks and cut to the shape of your design to easily hand out. Apply in seconds with a wet paper towel and remove with baby oil. Once applied, our tattoos are water resistant and last 1-3 days.

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