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    The Content Vault can help you write better blog posts, videos, Pinterest pins, Facebook ads & more.

    Have you ever wanted to create content for your business but didn't know where to start?

    It's not easy coming up with the perfect headline or hook. Then there's also the issue of formatting and SEO keywords.

    That’s where The Content Vault comes in!

    The Content Vault is a bundle of over 1,300 pages of done-for-you content for over 7 niches that you can use to write, plan, and organize your youtube videos, blog posts, Pinterest pins, facebook ads, website sales copy, and more!

    The Content Vault can help you write better blog posts, videos, Pinterest pins, facebook ads and so much more.

    All of our done-for-you templates follow proven formulas that will help your content to be as effective as possible.

    The result?
    ✅ Save time and effort on generating new content
    ✅Get readily available swipe files for any project you launch
    ✅ Improve your social media engagement
    ✅ Increase conversions on sales pages and ads

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    The Content Vault
    The Content Vault
    The Content Vault
    The Content Vault
    The Content Vault

    From the founders

    September 06, 2021

    Hey Sumo-lings! 👋

    I am Ramesh and I am so excited to connect with you!

    I have helped 200 brands in the last 3 years by writing their ads, emails, video scripts, sales copy, and landing pages. I wanted to create and share a shortcut for anyone to have tons of content ideas at their disposal to build their brand, audience, and sales online.

    👉 I am so excited to bring you The Content Vault - the perfect bundle for anyone who wants to build a strong online presence and increase their engagement on Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, their blog, website, and anywhere else!

    👉 Want to see a few examples? Check the link below!

    Free sample:

    1. 🚀 Want to see all that you will get instant access to?

    🔥 20 Pages of Done-For-You Facebook Ad Copy Headlines

    🔥108 Pages Done-For-You Facebook Ad Copy

    🔥 16 Pages of Done-For-You Attention-Grabbing Email Subject Lines

    🔥 150+ Blog Post Ideas, Pinterest Titles, and Pin Descriptions

    🔥 52+ Done-For-You Canva Pinterest Templates

    🔥 28 Pages of Done-For-You Image Captions

    🔥 83 Pages of Done-For-You Poll Questions & Multiple Choice Answers (to Post Engagement-Boosting Surveys and Questions on Social Media to Your Audience)

    🔥 46 Pages Of Done-For-You Youtube Video Outlines

    🔥 495 Pages Of Done-For-You Sizzling Youtube Video Script Hooks and Introductions

    🔥 167 Pages Of Done-For-You Youtube Video Titles

    🔥 152 Pages Of Done-For-You Youtube Video Topic Ideas

    🔥 73 Pages Of Done-For-You SEO-Optimized Youtube Video Descriptions

    🔥 89 Pages Of Done-For-You Scroll-Stopping Website Headlines

    🔥 BONUS: Plug-And-Play Template to Help Write Your Sales Copy

    🔥 BONUS: Fill-In-The-Blank Framework For Your Sales Page

    🔥BONUS Guide: “Creating the Perfect Digital Product Offer: Building an Offer Stack with Amazing Bonuses”

    🔥BONUS Guide: “How to Create Lead Magnets That People Actually Want and Need”

    🔥BONUS Guide: “Landing Page Optimization: An Guide on Creating a Landing Page that Converts”

    🔥 BONUS: "Blog Magic" Notion Template to help bloggers plan, schedule and create their blog and Pinterest posts in record time

    2. “What tools do I need?”

    The done-for-you 1,300 pages of content are hosted in Google Docs and PDF form.

    If you would like to use the bonus Notion template, you’ll just need a free Notion account and the template will be imported into your account!

    If you’d like to use the Pinterest templates, those are built in Canva so you’ll need a Canva account to use and edit those.

    3. “What Niches Are Covered?”

    The niches covered in the 1,300+ pages of content include:

    👉Business Coaching Niche

    👉Online Marketing Niche

    👉eBook and Kindle Publishing Niche

    👉Camping/Outdoors Niche

    👉Home/Decor Niche

    👉Health and Fitness Niche

    👉Spiritual/Wellness Niche

    Finally, you can reach me at for any questions!

    I look forward to seeing your amazing new content!

    - Ramesh

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