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    Build GPT-powered AI chatbots for customer service and customize your bot persona in a minute

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    Looking for ways to enhance customer experience with 24/7 support without escalating expenses?

    Build your custom AI chatbot to automate customer interaction with Thinkstack.

    Thinkstack's advanced AI chatbot builder enables you to create intelligent, responsive chatbots that automate interactions and streamline communication on your website.

    Train your chatbot easily by uploading existing content like PDFs, website pages, CSV files or a custom Q&A knowledge base. Thinkstack ingests it all to create an informed chatbot assistant.

    Connect effortlessly with over 1000+ applications through Zapier and API integrations.

    Plus, our Actions module lets you customize your chatbot’s flow for tasks like ticket submissions, accessing order details, updating CRM entries, and handling status inquiries.

    Customize your chatbot's appearance, tone, and personality to reflect your brand identity for a consistent user experience across channels.

    Provide scalable, on-brand, and cost-effective customer support 24/7 with intelligent chatbots created using Thinkstack's no-code platform.


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    Maximize your organizational efficiency with GPT-powered chatbot maker
    Effortlessly connect with numerous apps and services, enhancing operational efficiency and user experience



    Train your bot so it improves naturally over time.

    Easily upload content such as PDFs, website pages, CSV files, or a custom Q&A knowledge base.

    Thinkstack uses this data to create a well-informed chatbot assistant.

    Whatever your brand identity, you can customize to match it.

    Tailor your chatbot's appearance, tone, and personality to reflect your brand.

    The end result? Ensuring a consistent user experience across all channels.

    Throw the chatbot right into your existing website via the embed tool.

    Designed for ease and efficiency, our platform allows you to create a personalized chatbot.

    You can then embed it into your website without any coding knowledge required.

    Connect with many of your favorite apps via integration.

    Connect with users on their preferred platforms like WhatsApp and Slack.

    Further extend your chatbot's reach with Zapier and external API integrations to access any external data source.

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    We've been so grateful for the response to Thinkstack since launching on AppSumo! It's been amazing to see so many of you diving in and exploring the platform.

    We truly value your feedback and are always striving to make Thinkstack the best it can be. If you've had a chance to explore Thinkstack – whether you're loving it or have suggestions for improvement – we'd love to hear from you.

    Your insights, big or small, are incredibly valuable in helping us shape Thinkstack to perfectly meet your needs. Feel free to leave a question or reach out to me directly at

    Thanks again for your support!

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