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    Seamlessly manage your calendar and get more bookings using this powerful scheduling tool

    Most calendar tools are weighed down by complicated features you’ll never need. (“I’m not sure what ‘round robin’ is but it sounds messy.”)

    Worst of all, you’re paying monthly subscription fees to access features you aren’t actually using.

    Wish there was one simple tool that made it easy to book meetings, get paid, and manage your calendar?

    Meet TidyCal.


    TidyCal 3.0 - The simple calendar and booking solution | Product Hunt TidyCal 3.0 - The simple calendar and booking solution | Product Hunt TidyCal 3.0 - The simple calendar and booking solution | Product Hunt


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    Manage your calendar easily with integrations, custom email reminders, auto-created meeting URLs, and more
    Create free and paid booking options with custom booking pages that sync to your calendar



    TidyCal is a scheduling app that makes it easy to manage your calendar and get more bookings for any kind of meeting.

    With TidyCal, you can set up different booking types based on your meeting needs, like paid, free, recurring, and group booking options.

    Use Date polls for voting on the meeting date, eliminating the endless back-and-forth trying to find a time that works for everyone.

    And because you can create unlimited types of bookings with different time durations, you’ll be able to accommodate literally any way folks want to meet with you.

    Create different booking types

    Create unlimited Booking Types for every style of meeting—one-on-one, group, paid, free, and so much more.

    For the cherry on top, TidyCal offers tons of integrations for your favorite tools and existing workflows via Zapier, API, and AppSumo Connect.

    This app integrates with Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and Microsoft 365 Calendar, to read your calendars for your real-time availability and automatically sync new bookings.

    The Zoom and Google Meet integrations generate meeting URLs and add them to the calendar invite on autopilot.

    Plus, it’s a cinch to pay and get paid with Stripe and PayPal integrations.

    Available on mobile and desktop

    TidyCal pages are optimized for conversions on both desktop and mobile for a seamless experience.

    TidyCal lets you set your default weekly availability or choose specific dates as available or unavailable to make sure your leads and clients are booking you at the right times.

    You’ll be able to specify time blocks of availability and add gap times, so you can take a break in between meetings.

    Taking time off? You can also exclude certain dates you’ll be unavailable for every booking type.

    And TidyCal will automatically scan up to 10 of your integrated calendars so your availability is always accurate.

    Booking settings

    Easily change your availability and manage preferences on one simple interface.

    Share your custom booking pages via links or embeddable widgets right on your website, so your leads and clients can book meetings in seconds.

    You can embed your entire booking page, a single booking type, or multiple booking types on your website with JavaScript code.

    And if you’re making the switch from Calendly to TidyCal, you’ll be able to import some of your key settings and data directly from Calendly.

    Booking types

    Embed individual booking types or your entire booking page on any website.

    Coordinating across calendars and time zones with back-and-forth emails is a thing of the past, just like burning mixtapes. (“How much Boyz II Men will show my crush I care?”)

    With TidyCal, you can spend less time managing your calendar and more time getting results with a booking experience that’s super smooth for you and your clients.

    Simplify your booking strategy.

    Get lifetime access to TidyCal today!

    From the founders


    David Kelly

    General Manager

    New features: Specific Date Availability and Date polls

    Hola again, Sumo-lings! 😎

    We're back with two of our BIGGEST updates ever:

    1) Specific Date Availability. Pick one or multiple dates for one-off events. Or, block certain dates in your calendar. Both are now possible thanks to Specific Date Availability. 🔥

    2) Date polls. Send out a poll to your friends, customers, prospects, audience — or whoever — to vote on the dates that work for them. 📣

    Both two new features are live today on your accounts. Check them out inside TidyCal.

    These features are in addition to the literally hundreds of updates we've released over the past year... all at no extra cost for Lifetime customers.

    Some of our other giant features this year include Package bookings, a redesigned Booking Type editor, the ability to add hyperlinks to your Booking Page and Booking Type, easy-import from Calendly, “Mutual Availability”, Booking Limits (per day, week, and month), a rebuilt sync process for Google Calendars... and so much more.

    There's never been a better time to buy TidyCal. We can do 80%+ of what Calendly can do — for a single $29 price.

    Grab the deal today and don't miss out. 😇

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