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    Edit spoken audio or video like you were editing a word document

    Do you want to save time editing your podcast, voiceover, audiobook, video content, or screen recordings? Need to create an audio read-along of your newsletter or lessons for your course but don't know how?

    Trebble online editor makes it fast and easy to create professional-quality spoken-word audio and video. It has a short learning curve and speeds up the editing process.

    Unlike most software that uses waveforms for audio or frame-by-frame editing for video, Trebble transcribes your content and lets you edit using the transcription.

    Trebble leverages AI to save you time by automatically removing filler words, long pauses, and speech clutter. It also enhances poor recordings to sound like they were made in a professional studio.

    Whether you're editing a podcast, webinar, online course, or screen recording, Trebble has you covered.

    See it in action in this Product Walkthrough Video.


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    Create audio that sounds professionally produced using our easy-to-use audio editor and automated Magic Sound Enhancer™ tech
    Editing audio the Trebble way lets you use the text transcription instead



    Trebble lets you edit your audio or video using transcription-based editing.

    Trebble’s innovative editor lets you edit your audio and video faster than ever before by allowing you to edit using its transcription instead of waveforms or frame-by-frame editing.

    Any change made to the transcribed text is mirrored on the underlying audio and video. For instance, if you need to remove filler words like “umm” or “uhh” from the content, you can easily edit them out of the transcribed text.

    This approach to editing is not only faster, but it also makes the process less intimidating for beginners.

    Stop wasting resources tracking down the perfect music or sound.

    Save time and money searching for the perfect music or sound to complement your audio. With our expansive built-in library, you can expedite your creative process and create engaging spoken-word audio with ease.

    Delete filler words and trim silences

    You can make your audio sound more seamless and professional with Trebble. With just one click, you can delete uhms, ahhs, and other filler words. Furthermore, it can also reduce silences automatically, so your audio will sound more engaging.

    Correct & download transcripts

    In spite of Trebble's industry-leading accuracy, mistakes can occur in transcriptions. To help you deal with those situations, Trebble now offers transcription error correction. You can download your transcripts as a text file to make your audio content more accessible or use it for SEO purposes.

    Edit your video like a Word document too

    Everything Trebble lets you do with audio, it lets you do with video too. With Trebble, you can upload videos and edit them just like Word documents. Easily delete unwanted sections of your video, enhance the audio automatically, remove filler words with one click, and more.

    Got feature ideas for Trebble? Add them to our feature request board and see what's on our roadmap here.

    With Trebble's editor, even those with limited experience or time can create high-quality spoken audio and video. Access Trebble today and start editing with ease!

    From the founders

    From the Founder

    Hey awesome Sumo-ling community! 👋

    Armel here from Trebble!

    I am excited to share with you the product we've worked on for close to a year now 🎉🥳🎊. It's an online tool that makes it easy for anyone to create professional-quality spoken audio (podcast, voiceover, etc...) without being a professional.

    But before I tell you more about it, I want to share with you two reasons why we decided to create this:

    1. Most audio editing software have a steep learning curve That's because:
    - They were created to be used mainly by audio professionals
    - They have lots of features that most people would never use.
    - They were designed to edit not just spoken audio, but also music and sound in general

    2. Learning about audio post-production is a must if you want to create great-quality audio and it can easily take hours just to learn the basics.

    Now at Trebble, we know things don't have to be this way. We wanted a tool:
    - that was super simple to use
    - that had no learning curve
    - that worked entirely in the browser.
    - that allowed you to create spoken audio that sounds great

    We couldn't find such a thing and that is why we've created Trebble's audio editor.

    With Trebble's audio editor, editing audio is a task that anyone can do with ease:

    ✔️ It lets you edit your audio using text instead of waveforms.

    Indeed, Trebble automatically transcribes your audio into text, then it lets you edit the audio using the transcription. This makes the whole editing experience fast and super intuitive.

    ✔️ It can automatically post-produce your audio for you

    There is no compressor, de-esser, equalizer, or any other audio effects to calibrate. Trebble does all the heavy lifting for you and automates the entire post-production process with the click of a switch.

    Our easy-to-use audio editor does a lot more than I wrote here and I will invite you to try it for yourself. Check out our interactive demo here

    We are proud to share this tool with the Sumo-ling community and we believe it will make it possible for more people to create great-quality audio.

    Drop a comment below if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions 🙂

    p.s: We have more exciting features that we will launch really really soon like the ability to save and resume editing, the ability to edit and export different types of transcripts, improved support for audio with multiple speakers, and more. Check it out here . Stay tuned!
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