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    Innovate easily + unlock effortless app and site creation with Twidget's no-code API builder simplifies API creation, data management, and app development.

    Users can create APIs with no coding, manage data efficiently, and ensure high security with built-in user management.

    The platform includes an advanced event system and is designed for scalability and ease of use, accommodating projects of any size.


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    Effortlessly build and manage APIs, allowing for seamless connectivity
    Enhance your data management for improved accessibility and reliability



    We enable users to create APIs effortlessly, opening technology doors for non-technical individuals.

    Why use Twidget?

    While other sites cater to users with a specific skill level, we don’t play favorites.

    We know there’s more than one type of user looking for a simple, streamlined approach to developing web apps, APIs, and websites.

    Our no-code development platform is made with both novice builders and professional developers in mind.

    Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, our platform offers the scalability and adaptability to accommodate you.

    Efficiency and Innovation Combined

    Fast prototyping on our no-code platform enables rapid idea-to-prototype transformation, facilitating quick iteration and experimentation.

    Our platform ensures high uptime and performance, delivering a reliable and efficient user experience for seamless operations.

    Seamlessly integrate and harness the power of diverse data.

    Data and File Management streamlines the handling of data and files for more efficient project development.

    User Management and Security

    It also offers built-in tools for managing user access and enhancing application security.

    We offer easy-to-use connectors and APIs, allowing you to connect with various data sources.

    Event System and Scheduler

    Automate processes, improving efficiency and reliability.

    Scalability adapts to business growth, and is suitable for both beginners and experts alike.

    Worry not -- you've got on your side. bridges the gap between idea and execution, empowering creators to bring their visions to life.

    Transform your approach to development and unlock your ideas' full potential.

    Get access to today!

    From the founders

    Hey, awesome Sumo-ling community!

    Hello, Sumolings! I'm Idris Kadri, the principal developer and the brains behind Twidget. As a software engineer based in the UK, I've developed web applications for large enterprises, created bespoke e-commerce platforms for smaller businesses, and designed games for both mobile and PC, among other projects.

    A common thread in much of my work has been the necessity of APIs-both creating and integrating them, which often proved to be quite cumbersome. This inspired me to develop Twidget, a tool designed to simplify API creation and make it accessible even for those without technical expertise. After two years of dedicated development, I'm excited to finally introduce Twidget to you all here on AppSumo. I can't wait for you to try it out and see how it transforms your projects!

    With this AppSumo deal, you're getting exclusive access to our no-code platform that simplifies everything from API creation to data management and real-time synchronization. Imagine deploying your app without a hitch and managing data flows like a pro-Twidget makes it all possible!

    Here are some FAQs we often encounter:

    1. What can I build with Twidget? - Anything from simple apps to complex APIs, all without writing a single line of code!
    2. Is Twidget suitable for beginners? - Absolutely! Our platform is designed for users of all skill levels.
    3. What support does Twidget offer if I get stuck? - We pride ourselves on robust support through detailed documentation and a responsive support team. You can reach us at for any queries.



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