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    Leverage this AI video sales tool to generate personalized videos at scale

    Personalized videos are a great way to score sales, but they take a ton of time to piece together. (“Maybe more people should be named Mary. For my convenience.”)

    When working with a small team, you simply don’t have the bandwidth and resources to pump out personalized videos at scale.

    What if you had access to an AI-powered platform that let you record a video once and then personalize it for thousands of people in a few clicks?

    Say hello to Ubique.


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    Add more personalization by using the prospect’s website as a video background
    Use AI-powered voice cloning and lipsyncing to personalize any portion of your video for thousands of people



    Ubique is an AI-powered video sales tool that combines voice and face cloning to create scalable personalized videos from one recording.

    Getting started with Ubique is a piece of cake! Upload a pre-recorded video and this tool lets you personalize it with AI voice cloning and lipsyncing technology.

    Once it analyzes your video, the platform will produce a transcript where you can edit your dynamic variables, like someone’s name or company.

    In just a few minutes, your uploaded video will be turned into a template you can use to start generating tons of personalized videos at scale.

    Template video

    Upload a file and turn it into a template to generate personalized videos.

    Ubique lets you generate a single personalized video in a few clicks—perfect for one-off use cases like onboarding new staff or clients.

    Want to take your personalization up a notch? You can change the background of your video to a scrolling capture of your prospect’s website.

    You can also choose two backgrounds and using a slider, shift which percentage of the video is taken up by one background or the other.

    And it’s easy to upload your own video background assets, like a short demo video of your product to highlight instead.

    Single Video

    Generate a single personalized video whenever you need one.

    Best of all, Ubique lets you create a large batch of personalized videos by simply uploading a CSV file with your audience data.

    Manually link each variable with a named column in your CSV file, so you don’t need to worry about matching column names and variable names exactly.

    Once your videos are done processing, you can download a CSV file with video links to plug into any email automation tool.

    Batch videos

    Create personalized videos in large batches from one CSV file.

    Because Ubique also offers powerful Zapier integrations, you’ll be able to automate the video personalization process and fit it into your existing workflow.

    This is super helpful for inbound sales teams looking to work smarter. For example, incoming leads can receive an email with a personalized video right after they submit a form!

    You can also automate sales outreach by importing leads from a database and setting up triggers to start firing off emails with one click.

    Zapier integration

    Whip up multiple video templates and use them in automated workflows via Zapier.

    If there’s anything we've learned from Destiny’s Child, it’s that saying someone’s name at the right moment has a big impact. (And not saying it means you’re acting kinda shady.)

    Lucky for you, Ubique helps you turn one template video into thousands of personalized videos without breaking a sweat.

    Be personable at scale.

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