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    Use AI to quickly generate courses that include video content, quizzes, and daily tasks

    When it takes months to build one course, it’s gonna take more than passion to get you over the finish line. (“Been running on nothing but peppermint mochas for days.”)

    Just think about the workload—you have to organize resources, upload videos, write lesson plans, create activities, grade exercises, and process payments.

    What if there was an AI-powered platform that could generate courses with all the bells and whistles in a matter of minutes?

    Meet Unschooler.


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    Publish your courses on white-label school pages with your own custom domain
    Quickly generate new courses, complete with videos, quizzes, and tasks, using this AI-powered platform



    Unschooler is an AI-driven education platform that rapidly creates courses designed to interact with students and adapt to their feedback.

    With Unschooler, you’ve got access to AI that builds courses packed with videos, quizzes, and tasks—saving you months of prep work.

    Simply provide the topic, text, link, video, or YouTube channel, and watch the AI convert content into a full-blown course in minutes.

    And because your new course will automatically include relevant YouTube or Vimeo videos, you don’t need to create anything from scratch.

    Create courses

    Watch this AI build an entire course with videos, quizzes, and tasks in minutes.

    For easy organization, all your courses can be published on a white-label school page that matches your branding.

    Each page can include titles, descriptions, cover photos, summaries, and video lessons. You can even use a custom domain.

    Unschooler lets you invite students and creators at no extra cost, so you can launch courses without breaking the bank.

    White-label school page

    Publish courses on white-label school pages that match your branding.

    Unschooler also lets you generate interactive quizzes, create informational guides, and add images or infographics for visual learners.

    No need to sift through every exercise yourself! The AI can provide feedback, calculate scores, and track student progress.

    And when students ask questions about certain lessons, the AI will even respond with detailed answers in a snap.

    AI-driven learning

    Let this AI answer questions, calculate scores, and track student progress.

    Best of all, your students will receive a task every day to reinforce their learning and instill effective study habits throughout the course.

    Unschooler lets students access a personalized skills map, which helps them track their own progress.

    These skill maps also help students discover new career paths based on the skills they’re picking up.

    Skills map

    Students can access a personalized skills map that uncovers new career paths.

    Rome may not have been built in a day, but with AI, you can launch a course in minutes. (*adjusts toga* “Um, so what’s next?”)

    Take advantage of Unschooler’s powerful AI to transform any content into online courses that are ready to launch in minutes.

    Teach like a pro.

    Get lifetime access to Unschooler today!

    From the founders

    We’re back with new amazing things

    🚀 We’re back with some amazing new features! Since our last launch 6 months ago, we’ve introduced numerous AI capabilities and improved our interface based on your feedback. Thank you so much, Sumo-lings! You are the best community we’ve ever seen.

    📚 Bundles as Learning Paths: Collect courses into learning paths and sell them with one-time purchases or subscriptions!

    😎 Marketing Copy and Image Generator: Our tool now generates all sales copy, cover picture and descriptions for you!

    🎓 Certificates: Add beautiful certificates that your students can share on LinkedIn!

    💡 Subscription for the Whole School: Offer a subscription to access the entire school.

    ⏳ Drip Feeding: Unlock tasks on a scheduled day or only after the previous lesson is completed, making learning more practical and rewarding!

    🌺 AI Video Improvements: Our AI videos now feature only relevant and beautiful illustrations and diagrams.

    🤖 GPT-4o: The best possible model, especially better for non-English users.

    👅 28 Languages: Now supporting 28 languages!

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