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    Create microsites for social media to cross-promote content and offers on multiple platforms

    Unveiling your new products and content posts should feel like you’re strutting the red carpet, not debuting to empty seats. (“Turns out folks won’t believe the hype if there is no hype.”)

    You know building and linking out landing pages for all your offers would boost conversions, but you don’t have the time to create each page from scratch.

    Good thing there’s a powerful tool that lets you whip up microsites with reusable blocks to link in your social bios and drive traffic across platforms.

    Meet Urals.


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    Create collections with multiple microsites to cross-promote your content or offers in your social media
    Automatically generate cover images, thumbnails, titles, and descriptions using data from your links



    Urals is a microsite builder packed with customizable templates and reusable blocks that help you drive cross-platform traffic.

    Urals helps you build microsite collections to drive traffic from YouTube videos, Instagram stories, and even get clients on WhatsApp.

    This user-friendly block-based builder lets you incorporate blocks for links, text, images, and collections.

    You can also create landing page templates to quickly duplicate designs and layouts across different profiles or pages.

    That way, you can do things like create an “About” section, link to your socials, and add buttons to evergreen offers—without any extra work.

    Microsite collections

    Build microsites for your social bios to drive traffic across platforms.

    Create “collections” of reusable blocks to bundle together multiple assets that are ready to use across several pages.

    In these collections, you’ll be able to include any block type including images, galleries, buttons, and icons.

    You can also sync changes across all collections, making it easy to update expired affiliate links and swap out photos.


    You can create collections to use reusable assets across several pages.

    Don’t worry about visitors missing your links! Urals lets you customize link blocks with the color picker.

    Even better, it’ll generate a cover image, thumbnail, title, and description by automatically pulling data from your links.

    Since you’ll be able to build high-profit product pages with eye-catching links, you’re sure drive more clicks and sales.

    Link Customization

    Urals automatically generates cover images, thumbnails, titles, and descriptions for every link!

    Users can access even more links with the sidebar. With this feature, you can showcase multiple products and offers to boost cross-platform traffic.

    Not only does the sidebar boost SEO, it’ll also engage visitors for longer and increase the chances of converting them into a follower or customer.

    Best of all, this platform is optimized for all screen sizes, so you’ll be able to reach people from any device.


    Keep users engaged with a sidebar that showcases multiple products and offers.

    With Urals, you’ll be able to create and bundle microsites that help promote your content or offers across multiple platforms.

    Make links click with your audience.

    Get lifetime access to Urals today!

    From the founders

    From the founder

    Meet Urals – a first-of-its-kind tool that completely *changes the way you think about websites*!

    You’ve probably tried link-in-bio tools or website builders. Link-in-bio tools are easy-to-use, but you can create only one page – and each new page is charged separately and made from scratch! Website builders are feature-rich but too complicated – so people often abandon the website building process halfway!

    Urals takes the best of both tools, so you can create multiple eye-catching pages with ease for any case:

    📺 Game-changer for YouTubers & influencers. Turn your plain video description into a stunning page and use QR code seamlessly to boost your clicks and affiliate revenue. Build pages for each YT video, IG story or bio lightning-fast!

    👩‍💼 Time saver for a salesperson. Collect products for each client on the fly, send to WhatsApp or Email and get ready when they click and on what. No need to resend all your offers every time new products come out!

    📈 Easy-to-use microsite for business. Showcase your products and services wherever your customers are: on Instagram, WhatsApp or offline with QR code. If you've tried to build a website but never published it – now’s the time to try a microsite!

    Urals has several incredible features and you can even play around with them before signing up:

    ⚡️ Build multiple pages easily with Templates. Our templates differ from those of regular websites. Once you've created a template with repetitive blocks, you can build a new page on the fly, for each IG story, YT video, or each client on WhatsApp.

    ♻️ Keep your content up-do-date with Collections. You can create a collection of links (such as studio apartments for realtors or affiliate links for influencers), reuse them on any page in one click and update links on all pages at once. Huuuge time saver!

    😍 Drive more traffic with eye-catching pages! We work hard to ensure page design and high-quality features to make your microsite more engaging! And our easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor to get things done:

    • Rich links. We automatically create a sleek preview for all your links to make them more inviting!
    • Image gallery. Add multiple pictures to showcase your product in all its glory!
    • Style. Customize your page with colors and background to highlight your brand!
    • Rich text. Be brief or say whatever you want to say!
    • Analytics. Know what content works best, post it more often and skyrocket!

    🏔️ And this is just the beginning! We are adding new blocks & features to Urals and would like to share our roadmap with you. We'd love your feedback and any ideas you have:

    We believe that *microsites will have a macro impact on the world*! We’re excited to offer you a special lifetime discount on Urals, so that you can also build your microsite and say – "*Check my URLs!*"

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