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    Build communities where you can host discussions, create event pages, and sell content

    You want to build an online community where members are motivated to talk and share, but all you’re getting is silence and random bots. (“At this point, I’ll talk to MakeCASHquik657791.”)

    Even after you get a decent amount of people in your group, you still need to share content and host events to get the ball rolling.

    Looking for a futuristic community platform where you can build your audience and scale your business?

    Introducing UUKI.


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    Create a white-label community where audiences can interact and engage with each other
    Monetize your community by selling content via one-time or subscription payments



    UUKI is a modern community platform where like-minded users can engage in insightful discussions and share content.

    With UUKI, creators can build a community for educational courses, products, customers, and other passions.

    Keep your community organized by creating community pages where you can publish posts or spark discussions.

    You can also make money by selling premium content via one-time payments or collecting fees from paying subscribers.

    Create posts

    Make a fresh community platform where you can jumpstart conversations by creating posts.

    Tailored for AI enthusiasts and course creators, UUKI can integrate with GPT4 with the ability to train AI chatbots directly within your community. 

    You'll be able to integrate social logins for seamless login experience for users.

    Plus, you can showcase your expertise, foster engaging discussions, and provide real-time assistance

    Web3 integrations

    Members can train AI chatbots and seamlessly integrate with other platforms.

    You can white-label community pages by adding brand colors, using a custom domain, or integrating directly with your website or product.

    And since not all members will have the same interests, you can make discussions public or private to keep conversations on topic.

    UUKI also features powerful management and moderation tools to protect against spam, abuse, and harmful posting for safe communities.

    Customize community page

    Customize community pages by changing the name, subdomain, font style, or community color.

    You can even take advantage of gamified elements like karma, ranks, and leaderboards to celebrate top contributors and show your appreciation.

    While UUKI is designed with mobile in mind, you'll be able to access your community on mobile, laptop, tablet, or smart TV.

    No matter where you are, UUKI makes sure that you can connect with your community and keep the conversation going.

    Leaderboards and ranks

    Reward top contributors with gamified elements like leaderboards and ranks!

    UUKI gives you all the tools you need to build a community, show off your content, engage with your members, and collect payments within one platform.

    Build a community and share your interests.

    Get lifetime access to UUKI today!

    From the founders

    UUKI Founder Post

    Hey Sumo-lings! 🎉

    We're thrilled to be back on Appsumo with some exciting updates to UUKI!

    Here's what's new:

    1️⃣ The world's first AI tutor trained on your own content powered by ChatGPT! 🤖📚

    2️⃣ A revamped UUKI with modern UI elements 💻

    3️⃣ Courses support in UUKI to power community + courses 🎓

    4️⃣ Generate entire courses using AI 🧠📊

    5️⃣ Ability to follow users like a social network 👥

    6️⃣ Multi-language support 🌎

    7️⃣ Android app (IOS coming soon) 📲

    8️⃣ Rich profile fields to enhance member profile 🤵‍♂️

    9️⃣ Zapier integration 🚀

    🔟 Custom space embed support ⭐️

    Anil and I will be here to help and answer your questions as quickly as possible! 😊

    Happy Vadoo-ing! ✌️


    P.S. Here are some important links:

    🤠 UUKI Community - https://community.uuki.live/

    💬 Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/uuki.live

    📘 Help docs – https://uuki.tawk.help/

    🗺️ Roadmap – https://trello.com/b/L9Y6sbwz/uuki-roadmap

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