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    Build solid UI/UX design skills and train up your whole team with a gamified learning platform

    With visual trends always coming and going, you need to keep your designers equipped with the latest skills to stay current. ("The '90s called—they want their gradients and drop shadows back.")

    The problem is that most design courses and books tend to be boring and siloed, ruining any motivation to learn and improve.

    If only there was an engaging platform where teams could learn and grow together to build great products and delightful user experiences.

    Meet Uxcel.


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    Give students access to a complete range of UX/UI design courses with real-time reporting and feedback
    Alternative to: Interaction Design Foundation
    Screen candidates for design positions with skill-based assessment tests
    Best for: Design leaders looking to enrich their educational program with a gamified, interactive learning platform


    Uxcel is an interactive platform for learning new design skills, assessing your knowledge, and connecting with designers from around the world.

    There’s no need to look for new designers when you can improve your team’s existing talent.

    Get access to more than a hundred lessons on UX/UI design topics, including top-tier content from famous design companies.

    Your designers will be able to immerse themselves in micro-courses that offer a deep dive into each topic, so they learn and understand what matters most.

    Best of all, each course is completed by taking an interactive test built for the design program to keep students motivated.

    UX/UI design micro-courses

    Learn UX/UI design through interactive and engaging micro-courses.

    As a manager or design lead, you need to make sure your team’s overall skill set meets or exceeds industry standards.

    With Uxcel, you’ll be able to monitor each team member’s completed courses, recent activity, and scores on skill-based assessment tests.

    You can receive weekly reports and feedback to see which students are top performers and which need extra help.

    Plus, design skill graphs make it easy to visualize their strengths and weaknesses, as well as identify the skills they need to improve.

    Design assessment tools

    Get an easy overview of team progress with design assessment tools.

    If you want to identify the best design talent for the job, Uxcel lets you evaluate potential candidates with role-based skill assessments.

    You can compare their scores and see how they measure up against other designers from across the globe.

    Each team plan comes with five free assessments, so you can recruit highly-skilled professionals that are a perfect fit for your team.

    Skill assessment

    Effectively screen candidates with role-based skill assessments!

    Uxcel is ideal for design teams, freelancers, designers, or agencies. You’ll be able to improve your team’s existing talent and make better hiring decisions.

    Let your team compete, learn, and polish up their design skills, so they can stay at the top of their game.

    And because it's more cost-effective to upskill your existing team than to hire new ones, Uxcel empowers you to train your designers with minimal effort.

    online learning platform

    Upskill your existing team for a cost-effective way to stay ahead of the competition.

    When it comes to design, you want your brand to be ahead of the pack, not lagging behind. (If your site looks like a local government website, that's your first warning sign.)

    Uxcel can help you upskill your design team, monitor their progress, and speed up the hiring process from one engaging platform.

    Keep your design team up to speed.

    Get lifetime access to Uxcel!

    From the founders

    December 23, 2021

    Hi Sumo-lings!

    Gene here, CEO and co-founder of Uxcel. I’m incredibly excited to introduce our interactive platform for design professionals to all of you!

    About 10 years ago, I started my design career as a UX/UI designer. Not having academic education available in our country and close to zero dedicated courses and programs available online (except the ones about photo retouching in Photoshop) — it was a challenge to get started and land a real job. 

    Even today, more than 65% of design professionals are self-learners. Lack of foundational knowledge about UX/UI design keeps talented designers from progressing through their careers more efficiently. And on top of that, not having such knowledge easily available for the entire product development team results in lots of miscommunication, flawed collaboration, implementing designs poorly. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent explaining the basics to either Developers, Product Managers, or even other Designers. That’s how and why the original idea of Uxcel was born. I wanted to empower designers (or anyone working with designers) with an easy way to learn UX/UI design.

    It all started in June 2019. I built the easiest possible, zero-cost MVP — an Instagram account (it was named Uxlore back then) where I posted bite-sized, interactive, timed exercises about UX/UI design. And it took off. People loved it! That was a great validation of the learning approach — after talking about it with my friend, former colleague, and future co-founder — we decided to build a team and productize it.

    Today, we’re a worldwide platform for design professionals to learn UX/UI design, test their skills, and advance their careers. With more than 80,000 users, more than 30 teams, millions of lessons completed, thousands of skill tests taken — we’re getting closer to our mission of making design knowledge easily accessible and helping designers build meaningful careers.

    Designers can learn foundations and more advanced topics with highly interactive design courses. The beautiful part is that we don’t require you to spend more than a few minutes at a time, making your education process a breeze. As one of our users has said — “I’m addicted to Uxcel! I’ve started to spend longer times on the toilet because I’m doing exercises…I’ve even started riding in the gym instead of running so I can do exercises while I work out.”

    Entire product teams can learn together. Managers can see the learning progress of each team member. Uxcel offers the best design assessment and learning tools to ensure that everyone on your team is improving together.

    And when you do need to hire more team members, we help you screen and hire the best talent with role-based assessments.

    We have a lot of exciting things coming in the following months. You can check out our public roadmap here https://uxcel.productroad.com/.

    Empower your team with the modern design skills they need to succeed in the real world!

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