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    More streams, more views, and more reach with one platform

    You’ve got fantastic video content just waiting to go live. (All that time spent watching dance tutorials on YouTube has really paid off.)

    What you don’t have is the bandwidth or the budget to broadcast your visual masterpieces to multiple platforms simultaneously.

    If only there was a way to livestream on every social channel, at the same time, to grow your audience.

    Oh, but there is.

    Meet Videolinq.


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    Stream live video to 20+ platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter
    Alternative to: Castr and Switchboard
    Collect live audience information and engagement metrics, design HTML5 players, and monetize content
    Best for: Social media agencies, broadcasters, and influencers looking to reach a bigger audience with simultaneous live streams


    Videolinq is a powerful video streaming tool that allows you to broadcast live content to multiple social media platforms and websites.

    With Videolinq, it’s never been easier to deliver engaging live content to multiple social platforms and sites simultaneously.

    To get started, connect with a webcam or hardware/software media encoder, select your destinations (yes, plural), and hit Go Live!

    Multi-streaming capabilities let you broadcast to up to 25 social media platforms and streaming video service providers.

    After the watch party, get insights on your performance and track viewer engagement across all platforms.

    Create, manage, and monitor livestreaming channels across multiple platforms in just a few clicks.

    With Videolinq, you can livestream to 20+ platforms at once, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch.

    Videolinq integrates with 1CapApp technology to support real-time closed captioning on your live videos.

    Adding subtitles makes your videos more accessible to a broader audience and helps viewers comprehend your content better. That's what we call a win-win.

    Livestream to multiple social media and streaming service providers at the same time!

    Create unlimited streaming channels with multiple sources and destinations right in the media dashboard.

    Wherever your content lives, you’ll be able to start a stream from a webcam, RTMP encoder, or source URL.

    Plus, Videolinq integrates with top streaming software, including AJA Video Systems, Telestream, and Teradek, for maximum convenience.

    Maximize your content and capture live video from a webcam, RTMP encoder, or source URL.

    Videolinq also lets you build an unlimited number of HTML5 players and embed them on any website or blog.

    The fully-customizable HTML5 responsive player is compatible with all operating systems, browsers, and mobile devices.

    Once you’re done, you can monetize your content with ads from third-party platforms like Google Ad Manager.

    Design custom players that point to any live or recorded video source.

    Whether you’re OOO or anxious about presenting to a live audience, Videolinq’s Scheduler tool lets you go live even when you’re not available to stream.

    Schedule pre-recorded videos ahead of time in the dashboard—just choose the video and pick a date, time, and frequency.

    You can enable 24/7 streaming, support time-zone delayed broadcasts, and simulate livestreams from recorded files.

    Now you’ll be able to engage with your audience while enjoying an adult lemonade on that well-deserved tropical vacation in your backyard.

    Sit back and automate livestream scheduling for hands-free channel management.

    The key to growing your audience is to widen your reach. (Promising free tacos doesn’t hurt either.)

    So, why limit yourself to one livestream when you could be everywhere at once?

    Multiply your streams and your viewers with Videolinq.

    Get lifetime access today!

    P.S. Learn how to use Videolinq like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

    From the founders

    December 09, 2020

    Hello, sumo-lings!

    This is Eyal, Sumo-ling & Co-founder of Videolinq 😁

    Due to popular demand our AppSumo Deal is now extended till the end of December! Here are few highlights explaining what Videolinq is perfect for:

    ✔️ Growing your brand and online presence through live streaming to multiple destinations.

    ✔️ Influencers that want to be able to live stream via laptop or phones.

    ✔️ Production and event organizers that need to broadcast events.

    ✔️ Organizations that need to schedule delayed broadcasts.

    ✔️ Business looking to monetize live or recorded streams.

    ✔️ Anyone looking for a video player to embed on their website or blog.

    (TIP: The player can point to any streaming service provider or CDN that support HLS)

    What to expect when you buy a Videolinq plan:

    ✔️ Ability to live stream to multiple social media platforms.

    ✔️ Regional entry points for improved stream performance.

    ✔️ Streaming to social media is 100% free when you use a Webcam or RTMP source.

    ✔️ $0.18/GB discounted rate when using Videolinq as CDN.

    ✔️ Self-help center or next day online support ticket system.

    Watch our webinar and follow @Videolinq on YouTube and Twitter for more in-depth webinar information.

    I am personally looking to be able to talk to you during your stay in Videolinq.



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