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    Transform your macOS workflow with AI-powered agents

    Introducing Vidix for macOS—an innovative tool to automate your workflow with AI-powered agents and shortcodes.

    Vidix enhances productivity across any app on macOS, letting you automate tasks and manipulate text in real-time.

    Create custom AI agents tailored to your needs for tasks like data conversion, writing, and SEO. With support for external AI integrations, Vidix adapts to your workflow.

    Effortlessly automate commands on the fly and boost your productivity tenfold.


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    Automate tasks and streamline content with Vidix's AI-driven agents
    Transform workflows with flexible features for processed text and ad hoc content



    Adapt Vidix to your needs with basic and advanced modes.

    Adaptable usage modes

    Vidix offers two modes to match your workflow needs: Basic Mode for direct access and Advanced Mode for customized AI model integration.

    • Choose Basic Mode for simplified, accessible automation
    • Use Advanced Mode to customize with external AI providers
    • Create models efficiently and customize AI agents to enhance productivity
    Automate your workflow effortlessly with customizable AI agents.

    Automate your workflow

    Vidix lets you automate tasks across any application using customizable AI agents and shortcodes -- just enter the predefined key combination to activate AI agents, and watch Vidix transform and optimize your content in real time to fit your needs.

    • Assign shortcodes to automate workflow in any app
    • Activate agents instantly with customizable keystrokes
    • Transform content by automating real-time text optimization
    Make content management more efficient and customizable with Vidix.

    Enhance your productivity

    Enhance your productivity with options for managing processed text that make content handling efficient and customizable. Options include:

    • 'Keep Text' to add new content while preserving the original
    • 'Replace Text' to update original content seamlessly
    • 'Copy to Clipboard' for quick and immediate usage
    • 'Show in Modal' to open new content in a modal for easy viewing

    Make content management more efficient and customizable with Vidix.

    Facilitating flexibility and adaptability

    The Spotlight feature allows you to launch AI agents on the fly without pre-registration.

    • Run commands instantly for flexible and adaptable workflows
    • Explore ad hoc content seamlessly across different applications
    • Generate new ideas with intuitive and efficient solutions

    Vidix empowers you to automate tasks and optimize content seamlessly across all applications.

    With AI-driven agents, shortcodes, and various features for handling processed text, Vidix transforms your macOS workflow into a streamlined and efficient experience.

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    From the founders

    The Ultimate macOS Assistant

    Hey, awesome Sumo-ling community!

    This is Toni with Vidix!

    A bit about myself: I began my technology journey 15 years ago, driven by a passion for automation and efficiency. In 2023, I decided to harness the potential of AI to develop something truly groundbreaking for macOS users, and that's how Vidix was born. Fun fact: I'm not only a tech enthusiast but also a keen video gamer—finding excitement in both digital innovations and virtual worlds!

    What can you expect from this deal?

    Vidix isn't just a tool; it's your next-level productivity partner on macOS. With our AppSumo offer, you get exclusive access to enhanced AI features not found anywhere else, along with a generous lifetime deal that includes all future updates. Imagine automating nearly every textual task across any application with a few keystrokes—now that's a game-changer!

    Automate Your Productivity with AI:

    Boost your productivity tenfold! Simply create AI agents, assign them shortcodes, and watch as your macOS workflow transforms. See how Vidix can work for you—yes, in any app!

    Top FAQs:

    How does Vidix integrate with my current apps?

    Vidix enhances your macOS experience by adding a layer of AI-driven automation that works with your favorite apps. It integrates smoothly with a variety of applications, from productivity tools to creative suites, using a simple setup process that respects your privacy and security settings.

    What makes Vidix different from other AI tools?

    Unlike standard tools that confine you to a specific environment, Vidix brings AI directly to wherever you are working on your Mac. This means real-time, context-aware assistance in any application.

    Can I use Vidix with no prior knowledge of AI?

    Absolutely! Vidix is designed to be user-friendly, offering a Basic mode for everyday tasks and an Advanced mode for those who wish to explore deep AI integrations and customizations.

    You can reach me at

    Cheers! Toni

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