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    Visit Hunter identifies companies that visit your site and pulls their key B2B contacts for outreach

    Visit Hunter is a visitor identification SaaS that allows you to identify companies that visit your website, get relevant B2B contacts and use them to build efficient outreach campaigns.

    Doing outbound sales has always been a hot topic for emerging businesses. Crafting a perfect sequence, working with objections, getting a high-quality prospect list - that takes serious effort, even for seasoned professionals. However, building a predictable sales process is often hard with even the best contacts and top business development experts on your team! (How many times have you heard that "it's not the right time" or "we have already got something for that" ?).

    Why not message someone who's actually looking at your product instead?

    You can do it with Visit Hunter in three simple steps:

    • Identify companies that visit your site and put them into segments (i.e. visited pricing page, entered from Google Ads, companies from Canada, etc.).
    • Extract contacts from companies with the highest intent or export them automatically via webhooks.
    • Enjoy your marketing-qualified leads.


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    Visit Hunter is a website visitor identifier, behavior tracker, email finder and lead management system
    Enrich your pipeline with new prospects non-stop



    No, it's not creepy at all (if you do it right).

    Install Visit Hunter on your web pages (i.e. through Google Tag Manager) and it will automatically start identifying new leads that visit your site. We also monitor engagement of your leads and show the ones with the highest intent.

    Have you recently launched a new cold campaign and curious to know if any of your prospects actually engage with your landing pages? You'll find the answers right here!

    Trust us, it's easier than Google Analytics.

    Create a segment that fits a specific profile of your visitor. Those who look at your pricing page? That's what we call "marketing-qualified" or MQL.

    You can also have these leads sent automatically to a CRM or email marketing tool of your choice by setting up a webhook in Pabbly or Zapier.

    Personal profile of your lead.

    Pick your decision maker and add them to the existing cold campaigns. You may also view the timeline of their visits - where they come from (that ad campaign is finally getting me clicks), what pages they went through, that sort of stuff. All contacts from your lead are revealed, so you might as well export them all (but why, though?).

    Create workflows, choose the job title(s) of your decision maker and have contacts sent through a webhook to a third-party CRM or marketing tool automatically whenever a new company lands on your site.

    That's about as simple as it gets -- get access today!


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