Vitepos - point of sale (POS)

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    A complete point of sale plugin for WooCommerce that makes an online e-commerce site a local store

    With Vitepos, you can get a point of sale system ready with just a few clicks to start a local store.

    Also, if you have an online e-commerce site, then there's no need for you to find any other software to manage your local store’s point of sale.


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    A complete point of sale plugin for WooCommerce that makes an online e-commerce site a local store
    Vitepos helps you run a hassle-free, smooth, efficient business that will pride itself on exceptional customer satisfaction



    The cart/checkout process gets made so much easier thanks to Vitepos.

    Shop owners and administrators can specify roles and access control of their staff.

    Also, you can manage customers, your cash drawer, your orders, your suppliers, your products, any invoices, any split payments, and so much more...

    It's all possible with Vitepos.

    Management of outlets and counters is a breeze with Vitepos.

    Vitepos is a great software that lets you manage your point of sale with unlimited outlets and counters.

    It has built-in features available in multiple colors and languages.

    Plus, Vitepos lets you manage your shop (both your online & local store) in the shortest time possible via one complete app.

    Check out the Barcode Generation feature -- one of many great Vitepos features we're proud of.

    Your customers will have a seamless and enjoyable experience every time.

    We’ve built a point of sale system for WooCommerce in Vitepos that lets you easily handle your local store as well as use your existing online store as a local store too.

    You can manage your online and local store business in one app.

    It’s fast and easy to use, and it will also save you time and money.

    We're all about optimization and increasing speed & efficiency.

    Vitepos gives you everything you want in one single code for a lifetime of use.

    You do not need to separate your e-commerce and your local store.

    Instead, use Vitepos to conduct a hassle-free, smooth, efficient business that will pride itself on exceptional customer satisfaction.

    Vitepos is the missing ingredient you need to add to your business today.

    Get lifetime access to Vitepos now!

    From the founders

    📢 Exciting Update: New Features and Enhancements in Vitepos! 🚀

    Vitepos Version : 2.0.2

    We are thrilled to announce the latest update to our flagship product, Vitepos. We have been working tirelessly to bring you a range of new features and enhancements that will elevate your point of sale (POS) experience to the next level. Let's delve into the exciting additions:

    1️⃣ Order Refund/Return Feature: We understand the importance of a seamless refund and return process. With the new update, Vitepos now includes a comprehensive order refund/return feature, allowing you to effortlessly manage and process refunds and returns directly within the system.

    2️⃣ WooCommerce Stock Integration: In response to popular demand, we have introduced the option to integrate Vitepos with WooCommerce stock. This enables you to have a single stock for all outlets, simplifying stock management and ensuring accurate inventory control.

    3️⃣ Outlet-Wise Stock Management: To cater to businesses with multiple outlets, we have introduced outlet-wise stock management. Each outlet now has its own dedicated stock, allowing you to efficiently track and manage inventory across different locations.

    4️⃣ Barcode and QR Code Support: We have also implemented barcode and QR code functionality in the order details section. This enhancement streamlines the order processing workflow, making it easier for you to scan and retrieve order information swiftly.

    5️⃣ Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements: Our dedicated team has addressed various bugs and made significant performance improvements to ensure a smoother and more reliable experience for our valued users.

    We are constantly striving to enhance Vitepos and provide you with the best-in-class POS solution. Your feedback has been instrumental in shaping these updates, and we sincerely appreciate your ongoing support.

    To learn more about the new features and explore the possibilities with Vitepos, visit our website and check out the detailed change log:

    Upgrade your business with Vitepos and take advantage of the latest enhancements. If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is here to help.

    Thank you for choosing Vitepos. We look forward to serving you with excellence!

    Best regards,

    S M Sarwar Hasan

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