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    wcEazy is an all-in-one solution for the WooCommerce store -- it has numerous essential modules

    Introducing wcEazy, the all-in-one solution for your WooCommerce store, consolidating multiple plugins into a single, efficient tool without compromising website speed.

    This robust plugin brings you a plethora of WooCommerce customization features, including auto apply coupon, BOGO deals, one-page checkout, coupon generator, product sticky bar, floating cart, free shipping bar, URL coupon creation, order cancellation, and much more, all wrapped in the simplest user interface.

    With wcEazy, you can streamline your WooCommerce operations, supercharging your site and boosting sales without the hassle of dealing with numerous plugins.

    Forget the complexity of managing multiple tools and the slowdown they can cause — wcEazy is your cost-effective, feature-rich solution, offering 80% less cost and 100% ease of use. It's designed to save you time, offering a spontaneous and seamless working process with its numerous modules.


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    A comprehensive all-in-one plugin for WooCommerce customization
    Enhance your WooCommerce store effortlessly with wcEazy's diverse modules and features



    Elevate your WooCommerce experience with wcEazy's all-in-one solution.

    Built exclusively for WooCommerce, wcEazy aligns seamlessly with your platform, enriching your site with its versatile features.

    It's more than just a plugin; it's a massive support system for WooCommerce.

    Cost-effective, user-friendly, and feature-rich, wcEazy provides a comprehensive suite of functions to customize your WooCommerce site to perfection.

    Boost sales seamlessly with wcEazy's cost-effective and user-friendly features.

    wcEazy's modules, including auto apply coupon, URL coupons, floating cart, product sticky bar, one-page checkout, PDF invoice and packing slips, BOGO deals, free shipping bar, address book, and product filter, make it the go-to solution for all your WooCommerce needs.

    Whether you want to automate coupon applications, enhance your marketing campaigns with URL coupons, simplify checkout with a floating cart, or implement a custom shop page with product filtering, wcEazy has you covered.

    Simplify your WooCommerce operations with wcEazy's streamlined functionality.

    Take advantage of this single, powerful plugin that does the job of many, giving you the flexibility to choose the features you need without cluttering your site with unnecessary tools.

    wcEazy is your ultimate WooCommerce companion, providing a streamlined, efficient, and customized e-commerce experience.

    Upgrade your WooCommerce site effortlessly and watch your business thrive. Get wcEazy today!

    From the founders

    Hey, 👋 Sumo-lings

    This is Shahin Salehin, Founder of wcEazy. Are you facing difficulty managing your WooCommerce store with multiple plugins?

    We know using too many plugins can badly influence a WordPress website in multiple ways such as reducing website speed, increasing cost, security issues, etc. We are excited to introduce our all-in-one solution WooCommerce plugin wcEazy. Now you don't require different types of WooCommerce plugins to manage your store. Because we created all the essential WooCommerce modules in one single plugin.

    Managing a WooCommerce store isn't a piece of cake! 🍰 Our main intention is to make your store management efforts more flawless and time-saving. We can assure you that wcEazy will help you to boost the conversion rate faster than ever! 🚀

    Besides that wcEazy has the easiest user interface. You don't require any advanced programming knowledge to operate this plugin. You can instantly start store optimization after installing and activating the plugin. Eventually, our expert developer team is always brainstorming new ideas to increase the number of WooCommerce modules.

    So, excited to try wcEazy? Don't hesitate to visit our website and grab the product. ❗ Also if you have any queries, knock on our website support. Your every query is very important to us.

    Stay with us to know more about the upcoming features of wcEazy. Make your WooCommerce store more functional for your potential customers.

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