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    Use this visual feedback tool to streamline productivity and collaboration on web projects

    They say you can’t rush perfection, but maybe they haven’t dealt with multiple rounds of edits for one website. (“Petition to change the phrase to: Tenth time’s the charm.”)

    Working on websites and digital assets can be a long, drawn-out process with too many revisions standing in the way of crossing that finish line.

    What if your team could review web projects, share useful visual feedback, and manage assigned tasks without all the back-and-forth?

    Meet Webvizio.


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    Collaborate and give visual feedback on live websites, web apps, and digital assets like images, design files, and PDFs
    Work more efficiently with task tracking tools for priorities and due dates as well as productivity reports with time logs



    Webvizio is a visual feedback and collaboration tool that helps boost your team’s productivity and simplify communication for web projects.

    With Webvizio, you can share feedback on any live website project straight from your desktop.

    Using URL-based projects, it’s easy to create a perfect copy of a website within the platform and add tasks for any interface elements.

    You’ll even be able to collaborate and leave feedback on other digital assets including JPEG, PNG, SVG, PDF, and PSD files.

    Pin comments about the design, copy, and any bugs directly on the webpage or file to keep all of your team’s edits in one place.

    Dashboard view

    Enter your project’s URL to start editing the web project right from Webvizio’s dashboard.

    Choose between two editing modes to view your feedback or see the original webpage without any confusion.

    You can pin tasks with assigned users, descriptions, and priority levels so your team knows exactly what to work on.

    And because a lot can get lost in text, you can leave unlimited video feedback to add clarity to your web project notes.

    Improve efficiency and organization with productivity features like due dates, a time tracker, exportable time reports, project folders, and more!

    Task mode

    Use Task mode to pin comments directly on a page element that needs to be modified.

    Webvizio lets you preview your website in any resolution to avoid weird bugs while getting feedback across devices.

    You can create unlimited projects with multiple pages in a single account, making it a cinch to collaborate with your entire team.

    Plus, you’ll be able to invite team members, freelancers, and clients to share their feedback on specific projects without having to register an account.

    Review on mobile

    Whether it's for desktop, mobile, or tablet, you can preview your website in any screen resolution.

    Webvizio lets you use kanban boards as a standalone planner separate from your web or image-based projects.

    Even better, you can integrate this tool with Trello, ClickUp, and Jira to manage all your projects from a centralized platform.

    You’ll even get real-time notifications about your team’s progress via email or the notification menu on Webvizio.

    Kanban board

    View your progress and all tasks on one screen using kanban mode.

    You know a website’s going to be amazing when everyone’s got something they want to add to it. (JK, this is a web dev nightmare. Please send help.)

    That’s why Webvizio streamlines website revisions with features that let your team collaborate in real time, share visual feedback, and monitor overall productivity.

    Escape endless feedback loops.

    Get lifetime access to Webvizio today!

    From the founders

    From the founder

    Hey-hey Sumo-lings, 👋

    Dan from Webvizio here.

    Webvizio is back for a limited time!🕶️ With improved UI and lots of new features!💣

    If you are new to Webvizio, let me catch you up👇:

    Webvizio is the ultimate collaboration and productivity tool for web developers, digital teams, web designers, and anyone involved in the web development process.

    Digital specialists and web developers spend up to 40% of their time on back-and-forth communications while working on web projects. It’s mind-blowing! 🤯

    That's why we created Webvizio, to increase clarity and minimize communication via multiple channels (e.g., email, video calls, screenshots).

    Webvizio streamlines the development process by allowing users to collaborate on live web pages and web apps. With Webvizio, you can:

    ➡️Communicate visually on web elements and digital assets

    ➡️Track development progress in real time

    ➡️Share/receive visual feedback with teammates and customers in seconds.

    Since our first launch on AppSumo in 2022, Webvizio has helped thousands of AppSumo users, from 115 countries, to streamline their web development processes and save time.

    Now, Webvizio is back as an established SaaS tool with improved user experience and lots of new features:

    👉Improved visual feedback and collaboration on live websites, web apps, and digital assets (images, PDFs and design files)

    👉 Unlimited video recordings

    👉Task tracking tools (task priorities, due dates) and productivity reports (time logs, exportable reports)

    👉 Kanban boards to better manage web tasks and your team

    👉 Tags, folders, and advanced filters for better search

    👉 Custom account branding for better representation of your business

    👉More third-party integrations, Zapier, Pabbly, and webhooks

    And so much more!

    ℹ️ You can check out all our new features and improvements here: https://roadmap.webvizio.com/announcements

    Join us today to work smarter, not harder!🧠

    What if I have questions about Webvizio?

    Feel free to drop your question on this page, reach out via live chat, or check out these handy links: 👇

    Support articles: https://webvizio.com/help-center/

    Product FAQ: https://webvizio.com/#faq

    Pricing FAQ: https://webvizio.com/pricing/#faq

    Public roadmap: https://roadmap.webvizio.com/roadmap

    News and updates: https://roadmap.webvizio.com/announcements

    Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/431099442486246

    Happy collaborating!

    Dan from Webvizio

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