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    Speaking gives your thoughts clarity; using your voice to interact with AI unlocks superpowers

    Wiz Write uses groundbreaking AI to give you the power to create content with just your voice!

    The AI revolution is transforming how we work.

    With Wiz Write, you can be part of the future by using AI to take your content creation to the next level.


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    Use your voice to interact with our AI
    Unlock new super powers and productivity



    The beauty of Wiz Write lies in its simple yet effective approach.

    Wiz Write is an ultra-fast solution that transcribes your speech into text in seconds.

    Then let the AI get to work organizing, summarizing, and enhancing your content.

    It's simple - just talk naturally and Wiz Write listens.

    Looking to increase productivity? Look no further, then.

    Speaking gives your thoughts clarity.

    Using your voice to interact with AI unlocks super powers.

    Wiz Write is your productivity cheat code.

    Speaking is easier than typing -- it's just a fact.

    Transcribe Your Thoughts

    Through text or voice, speak naturally in your native tongue, we'll transcribe with precise clarity.

    Perform AI Actions

    Run any number of AI Actions. Create your own to make powerful unique workflows.

    Send Content Anywhere

    Through our webhook integration, you can send your content where you need it most. Simple.

    Wiz Write allows you to perform AI Actions.

    Productivity Hack Built for Simplicity

    Turn those natural thought notes into ready-to-use content through AI Actions.

    You talk faster than you type and provide more clarity.

    The ultimate advantage.

    Send content anywhere using the power of Wiz Write.

    Custom AI Actions Transforms Content

    Choose to run any number of AI Actions on your transcript to transform it into something ready to use.

    Need to write an email, X thread, or produce a YouTube script?

    Wiz Write makes this process truly a breeze.

    Get access now!

    From the founders

    Introducing Wiz Write - Your Productivity Voice Hack!

    Hi Sumo-lings! 👋

    I'm Stuart, founder of Wiz Write. For the past 8 years I've been running a successful vacation rental business across Southeast Asia. 🏖️

    But my real passion is building tools that make people more productive. I've always loved creating software solutions to streamline work and you may have heard of Content Villain, Riku.AI, or Supermachine which all serve a purpose in helping a different audience.

    I first discovered the amazing potential of AI back in early 2020. 🤯 Since then, I've been on a mission to leverage AI to boost productivity building out a solid and close-knit team who are experts in what we do.

    Wiz Write is one of my most ambitious products yet. My team has been using it internally for over 6 months and it's become an indispensable tool we use daily for customer support 💬, sales 💰, brainstorming 💡, task delegation, and more.

    But here's the best part - we already have a loyal customer base who have been using Wiz Write for months. Their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive about how much it has improved their productivity! 📈

    Here's what makes Wiz Write so game-changing:

    • It transcribes your voice and lets you perform AI actions on the transcripts, capturing thoughts clearly. Much more clearly than is possible with typing (typing is still an option in Wiz Write though!)
    • Supports 50+ languages 🌐 so it's useful for non-native English speakers too who want to speak naturally and then produce content in English.
    • Customize AI actions. Share these for each team member to streamline workflows.
    • Integrations with Zapier ⚡️, Chrome Extension 🖥️, etc allow you to use it anywhere. I used Wiz Write for this!

    We made this deal to be attractive to solo entrepreneurs 👩🏻‍💻 and teams alike. I understand the importance of mapping this deal to plans on our site. The initial deal offering is limited by transcriptions per month and the number of AI Actions. An additional stack will remove the limit ♾️ on transcriptions and further stacking will enable team functionality with an additional seat per code from the third code onwards.

    A quick note regarding the AI Actions 🤖, you can set and delete these as much as you like but can only have 5 saved into your account on the first tier.

    If you are somebody who loves to leave voice notes or just like talking a lot then I'm confident Wiz Write can help you work smarter. 🦸‍♂️ Got questions? Email me at stuart@wizwrite.io.

    Get ready to take your productivity to the next level! 🥂

    Stuart & the Wiz Write team.

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