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    A comprehensive white-label platform to manage employees, finances, projects, sales and customer support

    Managing all your business operations can leave you with way too much on your plate. (“It’s like a buffet, but people keep slapping random stuff on top of what I actually want to eat.”)

    Even with new tools to speed up your workflow, you end up wasting more time switching across multiple apps to stay on top of everything.

    Are you ready for an all-in-one platform that can help you run your business like a walk in the park?

    Make way for Workpark.


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    Manage clients, leads, and projects, plus track time, send invoices, and accept payments in a white-labeled platform
    Alternative to: Zoho, Dubsado, and HoneyBook
    Sign proposals, handle payroll, conduct video meetings, and offer clients a portal to collaborate in one centralized location
    Best for: Freelancers and small to medium-sized businesses looking to stay organized and improve operational efficiency


    Workpark is a fully-integrated business management platform that lets you control all your business processes from one place.

    Workpark offers a bird’s-eye view of all business-related activities, so you can seamlessly monitor business performance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

    Instead of using different reporting apps for each department, leverage built-in reporting dashboards for CRM, projects, HR and payroll, tickets, and more!

    Business owners and managers can also access powerful reporting dashboard to oversee the progress across the entire company at-a-glance.

    Plus, the collaboration features even let you share documents, chat, schedule meetings, post announcements, and use sticky notes for easy teamwork.

    Organization dashboard

    Context-based dashboards and workload forecasts give an overview of your team’s performance and tasks.

    With Workpark, clients and collaborators can use designated client portals to communicate on projects, proposals, finances, and raise tickets for seamless cooperation.

    Manage the sales journey of prospects across kanban-style sales pipelines or take advantage of CRM features for managing deals, emailing documents, and tracking sales activities.

    The white-labeled platform even lets you create beautiful contracts and proposals with custom fields using a drag-and-drop builder where clients can add their digital signatures.

    And you can create forms for lead generation, customer feedback, or support tickets, then embed them in your website to gauge customer satisfaction!

    Client portal

    Email proposals, send reminders, and upload digital signatures in a client portal designed with your brand name and colors.

    When it comes to project management, Workpark has got you covered with its task management capabilities and kanban board.

    Each project is fully integrated with all your other systems so that you can work together with the team, clients, and their additional collaborators in real time.

    Want to make sure every penny is well-spent? You can keep track of project finances, payments, and expenses within your project dashboard.

    Plus, an integrated workload manager lets you visualize your resource management and plan ahead using workload forecasts, milestone-based progress, and Gantt charts.

    Project management

    The robust project management tool includes workload forecasting, milestones, and Gantt charts.

    If tax season makes you anxious—don't worry! You can manage all the money flowing in and out of your business through Workpark.

    An intuitive drag-and-drop builder lets you issue professional-looking quotes and invoices that clients can sign digitally.

    Late payments can be a headache. Luckily, you can email your financial documents and send follow-up reminders that clients can view on their own dashboard.

    You can even connect Workpark with your favorite payment providers like Paypal, Stripe, and Mollie.

    Invoice management

    Workpark’s financial features let you create professional-looking invoices and quotes, plus track your payments and expenses.

    It’s hard to find time to grow your business when you’re constantly weighed down with stuffy admin tasks. (“They’re called ‘invoices’ because I constantly scream while doing them.”)

    Workpark lets you collaborate with clients, organize your team, manage your finances, and stay on top of everything with ease.

    Run your business in easy mode.

    Get lifetime access to Workpark today!

    From the founders

    April 11, 2022

    Hello Sumo-lings! 👋

    This is Arslan here, founder of Workpark.

    In my early career working for a highly ambitious but small team, we had a lot of exciting times but our everyday work looked like a number of headless chickens running around. Fast forward a few years and this led to the development of our ERP system for small businesses. While working in full swing until Q1 2020, we were hit by someone who had a better global launch plan - The Covid-19 Pandemic.

    The closing down of businesses worldwide, declining revenues, and a growing force of remote self-employed people forced us to shift our focus on a more flexible and easy-to-implement solution for small, medium, and micro-sized businesses as well as consultants and freelancers.

    😎 So here comes Workpark, to help you run your business like it’s a walk in the park!

    While there are other fantastic all-in-one business tools, what makes Workpark stand out is the ease of use, strict focus on features that matter and also giving back valuable insights to help you make better decisions.

    🌮 If you are a small business owner, a freelancer, or an independent consultant. Workpark can help you take your business to a level above by streaming lining business processes and improving overall operational efficiency.

    🌮 And yes, even if you work in a large organization with hundreds of staff, you may still find Workpark useful for managing all aspects of your department in parallel to any existing system for greater visibility.

    🤨 Why should you choose Workpark?

    ✅ Easier management of your business, take out time for yourself!

    ✅ Get a quick glance at your “Mission Control” to gauge the performance across all the departments. Dive in further via function-specific reporting dashboards

    ✅ Foresee your own or the entire organization’s schedule for the next 30 days through Workload management

    ✅ Fully integrated system: projects, clients, finances, and your team are all interlinked for a 360-degree view

    ✅ Enhanced project management with in-depth reporting at the project level, plan with milestones, burndown, and Gantt charts. Manage and collaborate with team and clients.

    ✅ Add client’s collaborators to assist in all aspects of client and buy products/services on their own, and collaborate

    ✅ Create professional-looking proposals, contracts, quotes, and invoices. Email them or download as pdf, send reminders, and get paid online

    ✅ Handle leads, run deals offered through the sales funnel and close them

    ✅ Generate embeddable forms for leads and support tickets for your website

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