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    The leading Google Maps plugin in WordPress for the last 11 years

    We've been building this plugin for 11+ years. 2,500 reviews later, we are rated the number one plugin in the world for building maps in your WordPress website.

    Introducing WP Go Maps.


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    Create diverse maps and markers with text, images, videos, and ratings
    A comprehensive all-in-one WordPress Plugin for simplified map creation



    Create a map and modify it to suit your brand.

    WP Go Maps is the easiest to use map plugin that provides simple to advanced and customizable maps.

    Any map you can think of can be created with WP Go Maps. Create maps and map markers containing text, images, galleries, videos, ratings and more. We've got it all!

    Create detailed markers to customize your map.

    Whip up markers that are like Swiss Army knives – they can hold text, images, galleries, videos, ratings, and a bunch more.

    Have a trip planned? Plan ahead with all the markers you could imagine to plot out the perfect itinerary!

    Get from point A to point B with the help of WP Go Maps.

    Give your users the power to snag directions to your markers, whether they're vibing with Google Maps or riding the OpenLayers wave.

    Get where you need to go with a map that has it all.

    Get access to WP Go Maps today!

    From the founders

    We're finally on AppSumo!

    Hi All πŸ‘‹

    For those that don't know me, my name is Nick Duncan. I'm the creator of ContentBot (previously on AppSumo as a Select deal) and WP Go Maps.

    We've been building and maintaining WP Go Maps since 2012 and we are the #1 map plugin on WordPress for the last 11+ years.

    WP Go Maps makes it super easy to add a map to your WordPress website in no time at all.

    We hope you and your clients enjoy WP Go Maps and, as normal, we're always open for feedback!

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