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    Xamtac is an easy-to-use marketing ecosystem that helps companies manage their marketing departments

    Marketing is hard.

    Marketing departments are usually disorganized with assets and plans all over the place, and no clear unified customer journey mapped out.

    Xamtac is an AI marketing department ERP system that helps companies walk through their data, asset generation, organization, planning, and launching of paid campaigns, social media, and emails.

    Generate and organize assets within the library to then be used to create marketing plans, which can then be launched directly from Xamtac.

    Once your campaigns are active, you can easily see your metrics and KPIs in the reports section or keep track and communicate with your leads within the CRM.


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    Your all-in-one AI marketing ecosystem
    Perfect for ad strategy, asset creating, plans, and data



    All your assets, under one roof.

    The library is where you can organize and generate marketing assets for each point along your customer journey funnel.

    Here, you can maximize marketing efforts by creating and iterating through highly personalized assets quickly.

    The library contains all the essential assets, from headlines & descriptions and email templates to creatives, keywords, audiences, and forms.

    Stay organized with a comprehensive yet intuitive CRM interface.

    Simplify planning across all channels, from ad campaigns, emails, social media, and organic content.

    Refine your strategy to engage effectively and share with your team or get approval.

    When you are ready to move forward with your plans, you can launch or schedule your campaigns, social media posts, and emails directly through the dashboard.

    The Xamtac PPC reports and CRM allow for easy leads management and real-time ad metrics updates.

    Connect to all your sources and start gaining new insights and perspectives on your data and sales.

    It's never been easier for your teams and team members to collaborate.

    Elevate productivity and creativity with a dedicated suite of team collaboration tools.

    Designed to streamline coordination and enhance communication, these tools foster a cohesive environment for strategic marketing planning and execution.

    It's your brand -- make sure it's represented to the best of your abilities.

    Manage multiple clients with ease thanks to sub-accounts for agencies, allowing you to create separate and independent Xamtac environments for each client.

    You can also access a client-facing portal where you can share reports, insights, and feedback with your clients.

    Xamtac helps you streamline your agency workflow and deliver high-quality results.

    In short, Xamtac is a marketing ecosystem that blends advanced AI with a suite of tools to lower marketing pains.

    Tailored to your unique brand styles and voices, it streamlines multi-channel campaigns, enhancing reach and impact.

    Asset generation an organization capabilities allow for effortless creation & management of materials, while robust marketing planning and launch tools ensure strategic, coordinated campaigns.

    Integrate with your data for insightful analytics and more for a comprehensive marketing team experience.

    Start taking a scientific approach to your marketing.

    Get access to Xamtac today!

    From the founders

    Deal Updates

    🚀 Hey Sumo-lings, exciting times at Xamtac! 🎉

    We've supercharged our platform based on your incredible input! Not only have we doubled the user limits, but we're also enhancing data connections to make your experience smoother. And there’s more—get ready for multilingual support! By mid to late June, we'll welcome French, Spanish, Polish, & others.

    🔗 On the horizon:

    Bigger teams, bigger impact with increased user limits.

    Smoother workflows with robust data integrations.

    Say hello in French, Spanish, Polish & More

    Exciting new connections coming soon, including WhatsApp and WooCommerce.

    🌍 We’re gearing up to make your marketing more powerful and inclusive. Ready to dive into these upgrades? Let’s push the boundaries of what we can achieve together! Let’s create marketing magic! 🚀

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