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    Traditional hiring is expensive, so minimize time to hire with XInterview, your own hiring buddy

    What's the point of interviewing candidates you won't hire? Oh, because XInterview isn't in play.

    When seeking new employees, companies receive a lot of CVs, and it’s great! but how to find the best ones from all these monotonous papers?

    Let's fix that.

    XInterview Intelligent Candidate Video Interviewing Platform revolutionizes recruitment with its advanced video interviewing screening technology, powered by AI. It efficiently evaluates and selects top talent through video interviews, ensuring you discover the ideal match for your role.

    XInterview is an online smart video interviewing Platform cuts the time of unnecessary pre-interviews, giving you more time to focus on what’s really important about your company.


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    The most popular, efficient, and affordable way to screen candidates at scale
    Find and hire the right person for every job with the aid of AI



    Want a reason to check out XInterview? How about several!

    In the era of remote and hybrid hiring, adapting to new recruitment strategies is essential.

    Seeking to expedite your hiring process?

    Countless global clients trust XInterview to streamline video interviewing screening tasks.

    It allows for faster time-to-hire and a better candidate experience.

    Using XInterview is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

    XInterview’s AI video hiring technology analyzes potential candidates instantly.

    What is it looking for?

    Key success factors like communication, professionalism, and culture fit.

    Check out some of these mind-blowing stats.

    XInterview provides the most comprehensive, top-of-funnel recruitment screening solution that includes three basic components:

    • Screening a large number of candidates through video interviewing
    • Determining what skills they really have
    • Determining how well they fit into the portrait of the company's ideal candidate
    We stand out well above our competition.

    Candidates don’t have to register or download an app to submit a response.

    It works great on smartphones too.

    What are you still waiting for?

    Get access to XInterview now!

    From the founders

    Let’s grow together 🌱

    👋 Hey, Sumo-lings! I’m Jigar, Co-Founder of Xinterview, and I'm thrilled to introduce what we've crafted for you 🥳

    Let’s grow together 🌱

    Our vision? We're paving the way for AI to seamlessly handle interviews—it's just our first step towards AI adulthood. I'm counting on your Sumo-ling support to nurture this baby product into an AI powerhouse. I guarantee you won't regret your purchase—just grab the deal and thank me later! 💪

    Empowering interviews today, shaping the AI-driven future of tomorrow's hiring process. 🚀


    • Tedious Screening Processes
    • Lengthy Time-to-Hire Duration
    • Monotonous, Repetitive Questioning
    • Conflicts in Scheduling Interviews
    • Restricted by Geographical Boundaries


    • Elimination of Scheduling Conflicts
    • Broadened Candidate Pool Access
    • Reduction of Repetitive Questioning
    • Embracing Digital-Native Recruitment: Video-First Strategy
    • Global Reach for Candidate Acquisition

    Are you tired of the hassle of traditional hiring processes? Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and endless hours spent screening candidates. With Xinterview, we bring you the most innovative AI-based video interviewing platform designed to streamline your hiring process. 🚀

    Xinterview is more than just a video interviewing Platform; it's a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the needs of modern recruiters and hiring managers. Here's why Xinterview stands out from the competition: ✨

    No more scheduling ⏰

    AI-powered Platform 🤖

    Share and shortlist 📤

    More candidates in less time 🏃‍♂️

    Fast, global support 🌎

    Join the thousands of companies worldwide who trust Xinterview to revolutionize their hiring process. Register now for free and launch your first interview in less than 5 minutes. With Xinterview, hiring has never been easier. 🚀

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