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    Enhance your audio content with AI-powered background noise removal and clear voice tech

    It’s hard to let your audio content speak for itself when each take is full of random background noise. (“If you listen closely, you can hear the exact moment my listeners tune me out.”)

    Without the right tech, you’re stuck between endlessly re-recording to get that perfect take—or publishing content that sounds like it was processed in a tin can.

    Good thing there’s an AI-powered tool that uses AI to fine-tune your voice to perfection and block out unnecessary noise.

    Meet Xound.


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    Use AI to make your vocals sound pitch-perfect and authentic, no matter where you’re recording
    Remove background noise to offer a crystal-clear listening experience



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    Xound is a secure platform that uses AI voice enhancement and local processing to capture crystal-clear audio.

    Sound like a pro

    Xound makes it easy to optimize your content’s audio quality, so you’re heard the way you want to be.

    • Clean the entire audio track or select parts of a file you want to sound more polished
    • Automatically detect audio quality and identify areas that can be tweaked
    • Use natural pitch detection to tune vocals while maintaining their authentic sound

    Audio processing

    Automatically detect audio quality and clean selected sections in a snap.

    Simple interface

    • Drag and drop existing audio files or record directly within the platform
    • Keep your data secure on your own device, since nothing is stored on Xound

    And because this platform integrates with WhatsApp, you can send media files directly to Xound to start editing audio on the fly.

    File selection or recording

    Easily upload existing files or record directly within Xound to start producing crystal-clear audio.

    Elevate your content

    Xound’s groundbreaking tech lets you create crystal-clear listening experiences and reduce fatigue in a saturated content market.

    • Accurately capture every word and sound to hold your listeners’ attention
    • Pair your audio content with stunning visuals to create social media videos

    Video processing

    Thanks to the AI-powered tech, you can process audio and video in just a few clicks.

    Remove background noise

    Step into the future with Xound’s AI-powered background noise remover! No matter where you’re recording, you can ensure professional sound quality.

    • Remove traffic noise, echo, and audio glitches so your content is distraction-free
    • Compress the dynamic range and smooth out your voice for greater audio consistency

    Background noise removal

    Remove unwanted sounds like traffic, trains, and pets for a better listening experience.

    Xound helps you clean audio tracks, remove background noise, and amplify conversations to deliver a premium listening experience—every time.

    Sound like a pro with AI.

    Get lifetime access to Xound today!

    From the founders

    From the founder

    Hey there Hunters 👋

    I made Xound.io to help with common audio issues, like recording without professional gear or in noisy places. With a large dataset, the AI model in this tool fine-tunes sound to perfection.

    🔊 Enhanced Listening Experience

    Embrace a new era of audio quality. Utilizing groundbreaking technology, this system significantly elevates sound clarity, offering a crystal-clear listening experience that reduces listener fatigue.

    🎼 Natural Pitch Correction

    Experience vocals that are pitch-perfect yet natural. This technology ensures vocal tracks are flawlessly tuned while maintaining an authentic, untouched sound quality.

    🚗 Background Noise Removal

    Step into a world of clear communication with top-tier Background Noise Removal. This feature silences distracting noises, enhancing the clarity and impact of every conversation.

    🔒 Safe and Secure

    Ensure the safety and security of audio files right on the device. With local processing and zero server uploads, enjoy complete privacy and control directly in the browser.

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