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    Use AI to find SEO keywords, generate content, and outrank your competitors

    Creating SEO-optimized content can be exhausting. You often waste time on rewriting the same paragraphs, or finding the right keywords to make your copy more interesting.

    Imagine if you could have a tool that would allow you to quickly and easily create content that ranks high on Google.

    Meet Yazo – an AI content writer that helps you create SEO-optimized content that ranks.

    With a rich set of tools, including NLP keyword finder, SEO analyzer, and team management options, Yazo is here to make your content creation process faster and easier!


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    Write unique content in seconds with Yazo
    Generative AI platform for business and home users that helps you create textual content 10X faster



    Explore keyword ideas with data on search volume, ranking difficulty, and more.

    With Yazo you can create SEO-optimized content for your blog or social media channels.

    It only takes a few simple clicks to find relevant SEO keywords for your next project, along with the latest data on search volume, ranking difficulty, and search intent.

    With every keyword you will also get search history for the last year, number of backlinks, and cost per click.

    Once you create a list of relevant SEO keywords, you can instruct Yazo to write SEO-optimized article for you.

    Write content that outranks your competitors using real-time SEO optimization.

    With Yazo you can generate content in 30+ languages. The advanced article writer allows you to easily edit headings, rearrange paragraphs, and quickly rewrite or summarize existing content.

    The built-in SEO Analyzer tool automatically calculates your content's readability score, optimal number of words, headings, links, and HTML tags. It also provides dynamic suggestions on how to optimize your content for SEO.

    You also get NLP and missing keyword metrics which help you understand which keywords to include to match the semantic vector space of top search results.

    Lastly, Yazo lets you easily publish content to your WordPress website in just a few clicks!

    Reverse engineer your competitor's SEO strategy with the Domain Overview tool.

    With Yazo you can gain insights into your competitor’s domain, and use that knowledge to improve your SEO content marketing strategy.

    The SEO Domain Overview tool allows you to analyze a domain’s growth trend over time, discover SEO keywords rankings and find domain’s top-ranking pages.

    With this tool you can save time on reporting by getting the key data on a domain's growth trend in one place.

    Featuring more than 50+ AI templates, Yazo makes content creation process simple and easy.

    Featuring simple and intuitive interface, Yazo is super easy to use.

    The advanced text editor allows you to quickly rewrite, paraphrase, or expand existing sentences with just a few simple clicks.

    Yazo also comes with more than 50+ pre-optimized AI templates and tools, allowing you to easily create short-form content for a variety of use cases.

    From translating text to generating social media posts, product descriptions, emails, and analyzing content sentiment, Yazo has you covered!

    Collaborate with your colleagues in real-time!

    Imagine how productive your team would be if everyone had an AI assistant?

    With Yazo, you can create your own team, and invite colleagues to collaborate together on projects in shared workspace. Assign roles, and modify permissions in order to fully control your organization’s environment.

    Unlock your true potential and take your content creation to new heights with Yazo.

    Try it today and start creating content that ranks!

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    From the founders


    Franjo Pesut

    CEO & Founder

    Update from Yazo (5/24/2024)

    Hey Sumo-lings!

    Thank you so much for your support and incredible feedback!

    It has been more than 6 months since we first introduced Yazo on AppSumo. Since then, we have added a lot of new features:

    • SEO Keyword Planner
    • SEO Domain Overview Tool
    • SEO Text Analyzer Tool
    • Chat for Article Editor
    • Full RTL (right-to-left) writing support for Arabic language
    • Support for 10 new languages
    • Translator and 5 new templates
    • User interface in Spanish language

    The latest update is bringing you the SEO Keyword Planner! Now you can explore keywords relevant to your content and get the latest data on keyword search volume, ranking difficulty, and search intent. You can also save keywords in a list, and let Yazo create an article from the list of keywords.

    If you have any questions – feel free to ask! Write us a question here or reach out directly to: support@yazo.ai

    Thank you for supporting us!

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