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    Generate marketing videos from any text prompt, script, or blog post using text-to-video AI

    Preparing scripts, filming, and editing promotional videos can feel like you're a director instead of a marketer. (“Did Greta Gerwig ever have to worry about capturing leads?")

    Whether you’re using an agency, working with freelancers, or doing it all yourself, video creation gets expensive fast.

    If only there was an affordable platform that could instantly generate marketing videos to help you multiply your sales, traffic, and reach.

    Introducing Zebracat.


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    Turn prompts, scripts, and blog posts into engaging videos with music, on-screen effects, and AI voice overs
    Easily customize any part of your AI-generated videos with the built-in video editor


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    Zebracat is a platform that turns text prompts into marketing videos that combine AI visuals, custom footage, and engaging audio.

    Create videos using prompts

    Zebracat’s AI can turn text prompts into impactful videos with text effects, expert editing, and lifelike AI voices.

    • Browse through stock footage, plug in your own footage, or use AI-generated images
    • Add video effects, music, sound effects, and more to match your branding

    AI-generated videos

    Write simple prompts and instantly generate high-impact marketing videos.

    Convert blogs into videos

    You can also convert blogs into videos and clips for social media to promote your content across every marketing channel.

    • Copy the URL and paste it into the prompt—then pick the format, style, and length
    • Share your videos on social media to increase reach, traffic, and revenue

    AI-generated videos

    Turn blog posts into highly engaging videos to repurpose your content.

    Hyper-realistic AI voices

    Zebracat lets you take advantage of human-like AI voices to record videos in styles that appeal to your target audience.

    • Choose from hundreds of AI voices across 20 languages and multiple accents
    • Engage your audience with professional AI voice overs at a fraction of the cost

    AI voice overs

    Choose from hundreds of AI voices across multiple languages to reach any audience.

    Hassle-free video editing

    In just a few clicks, you can easily cut, combine, and edit any part of your video—including footage, music, and effects.

    • Swap out the music to capture a different mood or genre
    • Modify the text style and on-screen effects until your video is ready to go live

    Video editor

    Easily customize any part of your video with the user-friendly video editor.

    Thanks to Zebracat’s AI, you can convert text prompts and blogs into high-impact marketing videos with music, AI voice overs, and on-screen effects.

    Promote your brand with videos.

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    From the founders

    Update from Zebracat!

    Sumolings, we had an absolute blast so far kicking this campaign off with all of you!!! This was such an emotional week for the team here at Zebracat after many months of hard work. The amount of feedback, reviews, bug reports and feature ideas you guys shared with us was just fantastic ❤️🚀  I wanna say a big thank you to all of you!!

    • In case you missed it: we now have a public roadmap live. Feel free add feature ideas if you think there is something we should build. And don’t forget to upvote your favourite ideas. Let’s make this fun!  🗺
    • rumours have it there will be already lots of new languages added next week. You might want to keep an eye on our updates here 🗣🌎


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