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    We help you connect with your customers and increase ROI with our 99% accurate email validation

    ZeroBounce isn't just an email validation, deliverability, and email finder platform – it's your email marketing partner. Trusted by over 250,000 businesses, ZeroBounce ensures your emails reach the inbox, improves connections, and amplifies your sales potential.

    With a track record as a four-time Inc. 5000 honoree and a vast user base, ZeroBounce guarantees clean, targeted communications. We specialize in eliminating bounces, validating IP addresses, and refining recipient demographics.

    As a trailblazer in the field, ZeroBounce introduces innovations like Activity Data, identifying active subscribers for informed engagement.

    Say goodbye to hurdles like bounces and spam traps, and reconnect with your audience for increased click rates.


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    Elevate email campaigns with ZeroBounce's accuracy, AI-driven insights, and seamless integration
    Ensure sender reputation, find valid contacts, and optimize email deliverability with ZeroBounce's comprehensive solutions



    Empower your emails with accuracy and reliability.

    Your email campaigns represent substantial investments of time, energy, and resources. ZeroBounce is here to ensure these investments flourish.

    By providing real-time email validation, we guarantee that your communications not only reach the inbox reliably but also establish meaningful connections with your customers.

    With a 99% accurate email validation rate, AI-driven scoring, an Email Finder, and email deliverability tools, we empower you to drive higher open rates and boost your ROI.

    Safeguard your emails with precision and confidence.

    ZeroBounce tackles email challenges head-on through our verification service. We streamline your email list by eliminating:

    ✓ Email typos

    ✓ Nonexistent email accounts

    ✓ Accounts prone to marking messages as "spam"

    ✓ Spam traps

    ✓ High-risk email addresses

    Protect your sender reputation for lasting email success.

    Your sender reputation is at stake. When you email incorrect, fake, or spammy addresses, it not only inflates your marketing costs but also deflates your ROI.

    As time goes on, this can jeopardize your sender reputation – much like a credit score for your email address. The more "bad" addresses you engage, the poorer your email performance and the lower your score become.

    This underscores that your email list doesn't solely impact today's campaign effectiveness but also shapes your future deliverability.

    Unlock new connections with precision using Email Finder.

    Discovering valid contacts is paramount, and Email Finder eliminates the guesswork to prevent bounces. In just three steps, Email Finder swiftly connects you with real-time, verified email contacts for your list:

    1. Enter a person's name
    2. Enter a domain
    3. Receive a validated address

    Rest easy knowing exactly who's on your email list and the type of address they hold. We meticulously scan for accurate patterns, indicating whether an email is valid or a high-risk address that could harm your deliverability.

    It's important to note that Email Finder operates in real-time without handling stored data, relying solely on our proprietary technologies to unearth new email leads.

    Integrate effortlessly for streamlined email validation.

    ZeroBounce bridges the gap between your favorite tools and our email verification capabilities.

    Integrate ZeroBounce's email verification API seamlessly with platforms you're already familiar with – whether it's your email marketing hub, CRM system, or even LinkedIn. This integration empowers you to validate emails en masse or in real time as they're submitted.

    Bid farewell to the menace of bad email addresses infiltrating your list. Revel in the time saved and the worries spared.

    Say goodbye to the stress of erroneous emails, and welcome a streamlined process that boosts your efficiency and confidence - get access today!

    From the founders

    Company and product FAQs

    Who is ZeroBounce for?

    ZeroBounce provides email deliverability solutions for everyone. Our email verification tools help any person or company ensure that they maintain a list of clean email contacts. We quickly identify the outdated, invalid, and risky email addresses on your list so you spend less time with email bounces and more time in the inbox.📥

    Our tools like Email Finder can also help companies enhance their email database, whether they’re looking to meet up with like-minded professionals or expand their list of prospects.

    The TLDR - if you rely on email, ZeroBounce is right for you.

    Is ZeroBounce a secure platform?

    At ZeroBounce, we not only pursue the highest levels of accuracy but work to ensure our platform is secure for every business type. 🔒

    To date, ZeroBounce has achieved certification and compliance with the following:

    • SOC 2 Type 2
    • ISO 27001
    • PCI-DSS
    • GDPR
    • CCPA
    • HIPAA
    • India Digital Personal Data Protection
    • Privacy Shield
    • SIG & HECVAT Risk Assessments

    Our security and compliance team also performs risk management assessment, penetration testing, and cloud security analysis with the help of reputable cybersecurity partners. We also offer 24/7 account and IP monitoring, identity protection through Okta, role-based access control, and more.

    How do ZeroBounce credits work?

    You can use ZeroBounce email validation, email scoring, and Activity Data through credits. 1 credit = 1 email validation. 1 credit = 1 scored email, and so on. If you want to validate an email, score it, and get Activity Data for one address, you’ll need 3 credits. If we’re unable to provide a result, no credits are deducted.

    For Email Finder, all successful queries require 20 credits. If we cannot identify a valid format for the query (domain is a spam trap, disposable email, etc.), the query only consumes 1 credit. As with email verification, no credits are consumed if we cannot produce a result.

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