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    Automate browser activity like typing, clicking, and copy-pasting with AI-powered RPA

    There’s nothing like spending your day scouring LinkedIn, sending cold DMs, and bantering with strangers. (“This is basically professional brain rot.”)

    Between copy-pasting data, filling out forms, and managing social media activity, you’re trudging through grunt work every day.

    What if you could build code-free automations designed to tackle any menial workflow, without getting flagged for bot activity?

    Introducing ZeroWork.


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    Automate typing, clicking, and copy-pasting using no-code bots and a ChatGPT integration
    Protect your accounts from getting banned by anti-bot and anti-spam detection tools


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    A no-code AI tool that lets you scrape data from any website, as well as automate browser and social media activity.

    Automate repetitive tasks on any website

    Zerowork makes it easy to automate repetitive typing, clicking, and copy-pasting on any website using no-code automation workflows called TaskBots.

    • Scrape website data from sites like Google Maps, LinkedIn, and Amazon
    • Compare, calculate, and filter your new data using data manipulation features
    • Automatically send DMs, like social posts, or submit forms

    No-code automation builder

    Build automation workflows – or TaskBots – without writing a lick of code!

    Fully automated without coding

    You can create TaskBots using ZeroWork’s drag-and-drop builder—no coding experience required!

    • Drag-and-drop building blocks like “open link” or “insert text” to get started
    • Connect all your building blocks to create any kind of TaskBot
    • Schedule your automations to run daily, hourly, or every five minutes

    Schedule TaskBots

    Schedule TaskBots to run during specific time intervals and on certain days.

    TaskBots powered by AI

    • Integrate AI into any step of your automation using the ChatGPT block
    • Automatically post AI-generated content like blog posts, comments, and replies

    Plus, you’ll get access to unlimited runtime, API calls, scheduling, and webhooks with this one tool.

    Integrate AI

    Add the ChatGPT block to integrate AI into any part of your automation.

    Prevent bot and spam detection

    Best of all, you can set up automations without getting flagged by anti-bot and anti-spam detection tools.

    • Run automations that simulate human behavior while boosting your trust score
    • Avoid getting banned for scraping or automating tasks on social media platforms thanks to safeguard features

    Avoid anti-bot detection

    Run automations that won’t get flagged by anti-bot and anti-spam detection.

    ZeroWork lets you automate online tasks like replying to DMs or scraping LinkedIn profiles—without getting banned for bot-like activity.

    Finish tasks on autopilot.

    Get lifetime access to ZeroWork today!

    From the founders


    Diana Rees

    CEO and Founder

    Update from ZeroWork

    Hey, hey Sumo-lings! 🙌

    Diana here, and I’m the founder and CEO of ZeroWork. 

    Six months have passed since ZeroWork had its launch on AppSumo. Thousands of Sumo-lings have joined the ZeroWork fam, and our application became the deal of the week. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  

    For the past four months, my team and I have worked super hard to prepare Black Friday’s special surprise for you. 🎁

    We just launched a completely overhauled new version of ZeroWork. 🙀

    The new version would not have been possible without you. I took your ideas, suggestions, struggles reported in support and feedback as the guide for any decisions in making this new version. Thank you for being such an active community! ❤️

    With the new version, you’ll enjoy 10x speed improvements, which make working with thousands of rows in your data tables, hundreds of building blocks in a single workflow and many thousands of result messages in logs fast as a breeze. 🚀 

    We touched and re-did almost every feature of ZeroWork and released many new features - one of the highlights is that your TaskBots now report every action that they take during their run in real-time. 🤩

    I also want to share that we officially plan to work on a white label feature. 🎯

    Lastly, we lifted the limitation that the desktop agent can be used by one machine only. You can use it on as many machines as you like. 

    I’m so excited to be part of AppSumo’s Black Friday limited deal offer and offer ZeroWork to those of you who haven’t tried zerowork-ing yet.

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