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    One-time payment. Lifetime deal.

    Sell digital products and subscriptions with zero commissions using high-converting sales funnels

    Tired of hefty fees and complicated setup headaches just to sell your digital products and subscriptions?

    Meet Zylvie, your easiest platform for small creators looking to monetize their audience without the financial burden or logistical stress.

    Effortlessly deploy beautiful sales landing pages within minutes, employ high-converting funnels, and grow your email list organically.

    With lifetime access and a groundbreaking 0% commission, Zylvie ensures you keep all your profits from courses, ebooks, artwork, and more -- pay once and use forever. ๐Ÿ”ฅ


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    Zylvie offers a commission-free sales platform, empowering small creators to monetize digital products without ongoing fees
    Provides a cost-effective platform for creators with features like flash sales, collaborations, and real-time analytics



    Sell one-time products, subscription products, free products, "pay what you want," "rent to own" payment model, etc.

    Sell your products and services exactly the way you want it:

    Build MRR/recurring income by selling memberships, coaching, SaaS, and other subscription products.

    Choose the interval you want to bill, and optionally include a free trial period to bump up conversions.

    You can also allow your customers to finance a high-ticket purchase over several months with this feature.

    Just as easily sell one-time products, free products, and "pay what you want" model with suggested and minimum prices.

    Build beautiful sales landing pages with our powerful WYSIWYG editor:

    Build beautiful, high-converting sales landing pages for your products/offers using our powerful yet easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor

    Use a long-form sales letter, include conversion-bumping elements like videos and testimonials, add samples/sneak peeks, and even embed custom code

    Skip the cognitive headache of figuring out how to design your sales landing page and just use our proven, high-converting sales page layout for all your products and offers

    Create different pricing tiers/plans, bump offers, and bundles per product

    Create different pricing tiers/plans, bump offers, and bundles:

    Increase your Average Order Value (AOV) by allowing your customers to purchase from multiple pricing tiers/plans or options.

    Introduce bump offers or bundles to capture more revenue from your customer base, customize different post-purchase fulfillment actions for each pricing option.

    Use our FOMO-building features to maximize short-term sales (e.g. flash sales, countdown timers, "quantity left" counters, etc.):

    Schedule flash sales during key seasons like summer, Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, Memorial Day, etc. to capitalize on peak shopping seasons

    Boost short-term sales using countdown timers and "quantity left" counters to create buying urgency and encourage impulse purchases

    Reward your loyal audience by offering exclusive deals periodically

    Drive interest and create demand for new/unproven offers by enhancing scarcity and exclusivity

    Embed a pop-up checkout in your existing site

    Embed a pop-up checkout in your existing site:

    Allow your users to seamlessly buy your products or subscriptions without leaving your site at all.

    Increase onsite revenue with our powerful pop-up checkout solution that fits perfectly with the layout and branding of your site.

    Prevent a disjointed brand experience by not redirecting your visitors to an external site just to check out a product/service.

    Onboard affiliates to grow and scale your brand organically using our in-built affiliate system:

    Onboard an unlimited number of affiliates to sell your products on your behalf

    Scale your marketing profitably with our in-built affiliate system -- only pay if your affiliates make a sale for you

    Add unlimited affiliates and customize individual commission percentages for each affiliate for increased granularity and control

    All referrals are automatically tracked and payouts handled on-platform!

    Add one-click upsells to your store to maximize AOV

    Strategically deploy one-click upsells to boost your AOV:

    Seamlessly integrate one-click upsells of complementary/related products to boost your AOV.

    Advanced features include a discount and a timer to increase buying urgency and conversions.

    Choose from different upsell flows:

    1. Pop-up on checkout page
    2. Discreet on-page div
    3. Separate page before checkout (3-step funnel)
    4. Separate page after checkout (4-step funnel)
    Create workflow automations that automatically handle your fulfillment in real-time after purchase

    Use our powerful workflow automations for effortless post-purchase fulfillment:

    Create workflow automations using custom webhooks or workflow software like Zapier and Pabbly Connect.

    Create automated actions in real-time whenever certain events happen in your storefront (e.g. a purchase went through, a new lead is generated, a subscription is cancelled, etc.), for example:

    1. Add a customer to your email list
    2. Add a row to your Google Sheets
    3. Send an email sequence whenever a customer buys something
    4. Grant access to your private community upon subscription/payment
    5. Revoke access when a subscriber cancels their plan
    6. ...many more.

    Get full access to API/webhooks so you can customize exactly the workflow you want.

    Also our built-in post-purchase fulfillment options work just as well without Zapier:

    • Automatic file delivery for digital products to every customer, immediately after purchase
    • Automatically redirect to a success URL
    • Automatically add them to your ESP's email list
    • Automatically generate unique license keys

    From the founders

    First post from founder

    ๐Ÿ”ฅ Hiya Sumo-lings! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

    This is Jay, founder and chief engineer of Zylvie, the Ultimate Platform for Creators to Sell Digital Products.

    If you're a creator, influencer, author, or artist, and you're seeking to monetize your audience better, you definitely want to secure this lifetime deal so you'll always have a storefront that doesn't cost you pesky monthly fees (๐Ÿ‘Ž) or unjustified rent-seeking commissions (๐Ÿ‘Ž) just to sell your products.

    Ultimately, if you're keen on building a successful remote business (where your earnings are decoupled from your labor as well as physical location), you'll need to sell your own creations online, like ebooks, courses, videos, artwork, templates, coaching, memberships, etc.

    Yes, you can monetize your audience via sponsorships, affiliate marketing, AdSense, etc., but the biggest revenue and profit lever lies in selling your own products -- personalized and tailored to the needs and eccentricities of your loyal supporters.

    Your audience will pay top dollar for products that you personally made with love, that came straight from your heart. And they will keep buying from you, because they want to support your journey.

    This is how far trust and goodwill will take you once you have a good relationship with your audience -- it's the gift that keeps on giving. All you have to do is sell them something that they will value and find relevant to their lives, and they will love you for it.

    And this is where we come in.

    We offer you a powerful, reliable selling platform that lets you spin up a beautiful, high-converting sales landing page in seconds and start selling to your audience via social media, email marketing, or your other channels. Think of it as Shopify for digital products, but without annoying monthly fees.

    Pay once, use forever. Just focus on creating and serving your loyal supporters. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    You can reach me at info@zylvie.com for all customer care enquiries.

    Happy selling! ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

    With thanks,


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