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How many hours/days do you lose to compiling marketing reports each month?

Our guess is a lot.

The problem is, reports are necessary. You can’t tell clients, “just trust me, things are going great.”

What if you could spend 5-10 mins configuring your reports and never think about them again?

Now you can. Meet Reportz.


Reports with real-time data from all your marketing channels

Fully customizable KPI dashboards

Set dashboards once and never worry about numbers again

Share dashboards with clients and team members

Reportz is a simple, highly-intuitive reporting tool that provides real-time data from all your marketing channels.

With Reportz, you and your clients always have a crystal-clear marketing KPI dashboard that don’t require hours of manual labor on your part.

Clients and team members can see important data in real-time within a fully customizable dashboard.

Adding integrations, setting KPI metrics to be tracked, and arranging your dashboard can all be done within minutes! (Selecting which metrics to track is a simple picking them from a dropdown menu.)

Once your dashboard is set, you never have to worry about compiling the numbers again!

Lifetime Access to Reportz

Reports and dashboards can be customized with logos (yours or your client’s), font types, colors, and specific date ranges. (What happened on April 11th, Nick?!)

All reports can transferred to your specific subdomain (e.g. Yay for white labeling!

Lifetime Access to Reportz

As far as security goes for your reports, you can protect your dashboards with a password or share a regenerated dashboard URL link with those you deem worthy.

Your clients and team members will have the data they need 24/7.

Here are the current available data sources you can add into your dashboard:

Lifetime Access to Reportz

We know Sumo-lings are especially geeked about Google Analytics, Facebook, and Serpstat!

The Reportz team is not new to the AppSumo tribe. In fact, they’ve been Sumo-lings for years!

So, they know what it takes to please the Sumo-ling community.

Ordinarly, yearly access to their Agency Plan will cost you $1,613.

The Agency Plan includes:

  • 20 Fully Customizable Dashboards

  • Pre-defined built-in reporting templates

  • Unlimited Widgets per dashboard

  • Unlimited Team Members (note: only main account holder can change personal details like password, credit card info, etc.)

  • White-label customization (add your logo/company colors and client logo/company colors)

  • All existing and future integrations (more than 50 in the roadmap)

But, right now, Sumo-lings can grab lifetime access for just $49!

And as the cherry on top, you can stack up to 5 deals per account. Meaning, you can grab 100 dashboards from this deal!

This will pay for itself the first time you need to compile a report!

Design compelling marketing reports now!

(Please do not email the Reportz team asking them if they are insane. They are not. Ok, maybe a little.)

Lifetime Access to Reportz

Lifetime Access to Reportz

The dedication the Reportz team has to making this an awesome deal specifically for Sumo-lings blows the competition out of the water.

Every single Reportz feature is available in this deal, and nothing is being held back for upsells. (Even though they could justifiably do that.)

They also chose to do integrations with tools that many Sumo-lings already have like Serpstat and Salesflare (they even prioritized getting Salesflare over Hubspot for you!).

Lifetime Access to Reportz

Rad Basta and his team of digital marketers and SEO specialists created because you need a tool like this.

And they came to us because they know Sumo-lings needed it for just $49!

Take back those valuable hours you lose in Excel and PowerPoint every month to client reporting.

Automate your reports now!

P.S. Learn to use Reportz like a pro by attending their webinar on:

Wednesday, May 16th at 11:00 AM CDT

Click here to register!

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