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Put your credit cards away, this one is on us

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

July 20, 2016

Use Mixmax and take your email productivity to a whole 'nother level.

Slack may be awesome, but email is still the best way to contact people at other companies.

So it only makes sense to try and take your Gmail and Chrome game to the next level.

The problem is most email extensions either do only one thing (too lite), or they try to do much (clunky).

Enter the email game changer: Mixmax!

Mixmax is the essential productivity suite for email users.

Need to track opens, clicks, and downloads? Mixmax can do that.

What about scheduling meetings with one click? Mixmax can do that, too!

6 Month Access to Mixmax

(How easy was that?!)

It even lets you kick messages back to the top of your inbox if nobody replies.

6 Months Access to MixMax

It's not just tracking and scheduling that Mixmax can do, Mixmax can also:

  • Create repeatable email templates Saves you time by reusing your best email templates (no more copying and pasting!).
  • Automatically send out emails at a later time. (Know what needs to be said but just not ready to say it? This feature will come in handy.)
  • Smart reminders that ensure you never miss a critical conversation!

6 Month Access to Mixmax

(There's no getting out of this one, Jared. I know you read the email!)

In today's offer, MixMax would normally charge $72 ($12/month).

And if this helps you close even one extra deal, $12/month is nothing.

But, because we care so much about how you Sumo-lings do business, we haggled Mixmax to give you 6 months for free!

Not a penny spent!

Now you can email like a boss.

Get your 6 months free here!

Do people like using Mixmax? Well, see for yourself:

6 Month Access to Mixmax

6 Month Access to Mixmax

6 Month Access to Mixmax

Most of you probably have extensions that do some of the things MixMax does. But why would you want to struggle using multiple extensions just to do some of the things Mixmax does?

Use Mixmax to do everything you are currently doing plus more!

Also, for you entrepreneurs, Mixmax allows you to embed any type of rich media directly in your email (e.g., videos, slideshows, calendar invites, GIFs and more)!

6 Month Access to Mixmax

(If I saw an email like this, I'd definitely think the sender knew what they were doing.)

6 Month Access to MixMax

You can even track the effectiveness of your templates so you can share the best ones with your team!

In this deal, you are getting 6 months of:

  • Unlimited email tracking
  • Unlimited send later & reminders
  • Unlimited scheduling
  • Unlimited beautiful templates
  • Unlimited GIFs, embedded videos, slideshows and rich media

On top of all the features previously mentioned, here are a few more to convince you how awesome Mixmax is:

6 Month Access to Mixmax

Signing up for Mixmax is an easy decision.

After all, we are giving it to you for FREE.

Try it out for 6 months.

If your email productivity doesn't skyrocket, you can walk away and pretend like it never happened (also how I deal with the majority of things in my life).

You have nothing to lose (except time and productivity).

Click here to get Mixmax!

FREE  $72

Starts In

6 Month Access to Mixmax Starter

  • Unlimited email tracking and scheduling!
  • Unlimited access to templates, GIFS, embedded videos, slideshows and rich media!
  • Unlimited send laters and reminders!
  • For new domains only.
  • For Gmail and Chrome only.
  • Ability to remove branding.

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