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    Mixmax is a sales engagement tool for revenue teams to personalize client engagement, coordinate meetings, and automate sales workflows in Gmail.

    SDRs are not the only ones responsible for revenue growth. If you want to crush your revenue and ROI, you need to rally every stakeholder in the revenue team.

    Mixmax is the tool you need to generate quality leads in the sales pipeline, while empowering sales, customer success, account executives, and more to collaborate efficiently.

    This sales engagement tool lives largely in Gmail. It upgrades your inbox with one-click calendar scheduling, polls and surveys, personalized alerts, and more to close more deals.

    Share multiple meeting times and gather participants to vote on their preferred time. Plan meetings with auto-reminders in a click. Mixmax also helps you share meeting links and set up group events without leaving your Gmail inbox.

    Revenue often improves when brands engage with buyers across multiple touchpoints in the customer journey. Craft personalized messages on your clients’ favorite channels—emails, calls, LinkedIn, it’s completely your call.

    Build workflows to streamline all sales activities. Create pre-defined rules, auto-update records in Salesforce, and hand off new clients to another department without creating a disconnected experience.

    You can even tailor any email within a sequence for a specific prospective customer. There’s no need to edit the entire sequence to add a customized message for each individual.

    Mixmax boasts a suite of tools to improve your response rate. Add GIFss and surveys and polls and turn web links into scroll-stopping previews that make recipients pause and click. Save your best-performing sales pitches into templates and embed them into future emails.

    Supercharge your productivity to the next level. You can automatically send real-time alerts via Slack or email, start a private chat conversation with the internal team, and view social and CRM insights of prospects without leaving the Gmail environment.

    The key to maintaining and accelerating sales momentum lies in the data. Identify top-performing teams, individuals, content (including attachments), and sequence stages in interactive dashboards.

    That way, you can identify which activities generate the biggest ROI and quickly improve for the next quarter.

    Key features

    • One-click meeting scheduling to send invites and notifications
    • Email templates to save time and effort
    • Real-time alerts of prospects activity via Slack, email
    • Personalized sequences of emails, calls, and LinkedIn
    • Workflows triggered by prospect or customer activity (e.g., answer poll)
    • Automated updates of records on Salesforce
    • Interactive dashboards to identify best-performing sales activities


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    View prospect’s social and CRM insights
    View prospect’s social and CRM insights
    Add media in email
    Add media in email
    View meeting availability
    View meeting availability
    Schedule meeting
    Schedule meeting
    Build sequences
    Build sequences


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