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    The Agile Social Media Storage, Creation + Scheduling Tool for International Pro Brand Builders

    Dear Brand Builders, Social Media Experts, and Entrepreneurs,

    "Consistency is everything," they say - but how to get it done without drowning in all the nitty-gritty things included? How to adapt when campaign timings change (again!)? Keep an eye on the overall story flow, and ensure all stays 'on brand'?

    Social Media Management can be a daunting task, challenging enough with one brand and calendar, escalating quickly when dealing with several brands, several social media channels, leave alone language variations.

    Sounds like a tool for true social media pros is needed, right?

    That's what we thought, too, when we handled several brands, localities, and strategies to be turned into execution at OVERW8 agency. We couldn't find a tool that did it, so we built it. It has massively eased our work, and we hope it will do that for you, too.

    When you get Ägile Ässets on your team, you'll enjoy many clever process optimisations to help with any Multi-Brand /-Channel /-Language situation. And in case you wonder:

    Oh, yes, we have developed and built in a fantastic AI post-creation assistant - "Mägic Ed".

    When can we welcome you to the world of Agile Social Media Management?


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    Create, handle, and store several brands, languages, and versions of social media posts with ease
    Turn content strategy into campaigns, content pillars and posts with minimal effort



    "Mägic Ed": The extremely clever post-creation assistant built on 15 years+ agency experience.


    ÄÄ is all about easing your social media asset creation and publishing process. 💡 When we were asked to add 'some AI' to it, we wanted to ensure this is as high quality and thought through as all of it. Our take is to make this work like an agency's 'normal' briefing process.

    👉 Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffO3zzELPTM

    ⭐ Extremely user-friendly, agile workflow

    ⭐ Tweaks to make sure your caption is and will stay on brand

    ⭐ Yes, you can also have a post created in a different language (though, of course, the 'main' languages will still work best)

    ⭐ To top things off, we have built-in image suggestions that you (including credit) can use for free!

    How easy, agile and fluid can it get?

    ⏰ Make sure you do not miss out on this amazing feature!

    ℹ "Mägic Ed" works usage / AI token-based. Your AppSumo lifetime deal covers a package for about 20 posts. You can always get additional packages according to your needs.

    Add campaigns, pillars with a click, change, adapt them. Do it the agile way, start with placeholders or bulk prepare.


    What good is a social media strategy that is hard to implement? We make it easy for you:

    • Turn your strategic main topics into content pillars and your main talk about or launches into visually marked-up campaigns and pillars.
    • Drag + drop them until you see your strategy's priorities turn into posts,
    • then start adding them as drafts.
    • OR create your storyline in an XLS, bulk upload it, and then drag and drop the drafts.

    Work into it from rough drafts to detail: Add a first placeholder layout, to be replaced later, a first draft for the captions. Let 'Mägic Ed' help you with filling them in according to channel and message.

    Marketers built Ägile Ässets for marketers and you can tell once you start using it.

    Stay on top of things, referring to the main messaging while being able to adapt in a super easy and agile way should things change.

    Social Media Creation, Mapping, Scheduling, Adapting: Who knew it could be fluid and agile instead of linear and stiff?


    No matter what your 'playground', might that be Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube or Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube... with Ägile Ässet, you can demonstrate your mastership turned into execution quality.

    • connect your Canva, import existing layouts directly into Ägile Ässets
    • bulk create, add posts or whole campaign XLS-based
    • fill in emojis and hashtags on the go
    • ! map calendars vs. versions - i.e. "Linkedin Posts" all go to the "LN Brand A" calendar, "X Posts" to be dragged parallel to the "X Brand A" calendar
    • use custom tags and labels to create your own structure
    • remix (=repurpose) timeless content like a pro and ensure the ROI of your social media endeavours
    • looking to spontaneously 'shoot' a post about "leadership"? Just search your library, pick the one of your liking, send it out
    • manage the messaging of one brand across several languages without ever losing the overview of the existing posts and variations
    • bulk download posts for translation, then upload again to create the new version
    • (we're not done yet!)
    Use the "Brand Check" Overview to check in about the storyflow and look and feel. Easy to access via the sticky nav'.


    On social media, we need to strike the fine balance between staying creative, lively and authentic while at the same time making sure the posts add up to a compelling and consistent brand story.

    Use the "on brand" overview to make sure per calendar that the story flow is as intended and the overall look and feel stays 'on brand', adding to the brand's trust and value consistently.

    Like this suddenly very easy - and just what us pro's would do.

    From the founders

    What's new and some deal info

    Hey dear Sumo-lings,

    thanks to all who have purchased, recommended, cocreated, cheered on, and, most of all, did great stuff with it—we love to have you at Ägile Ässets!

    Next, some clarifications:

    The deal offered here refers to one package we offer, "The Cosmopolitan" (see our website). Everything added to that package automatically goes into the product you, as AppSumo Lifetime users, use. This is valid so far, and we will continue to handle it that way.

    What has already been added:

    • Additional social media channels: First "X" (after they had calmed down a bit), then YouTube (recommended for Shorts, though), TikTok is a big one, also Stories to auto post to Instagram
    • Since September, "Mägic Ed" has been built in, the high-quality AI-based post-creation assistant that builds not only on GPT4.0 but also on 20 years of experience in briefing people and doing quality management in agencies and marketing.
    • Just released now: The super sleek new post creation and scheduling process (it's been built towards my process efficiency dreams - and it is a dream :))
    • We established a resilience system that notifies users and us in real time should any post not be published so we can react quickly. It works like a charm!
    • LOTS of small tweaks

    (more info on our website / "our journey" and "system status")

    What the deal contains

    It took over a year and hundreds of people for one person to state that they thought Ägile Ässets and the deal here all over is a white-label product. It is NOT. To clarify: There are and will be versions of Ägile Ässets allowing for a Whitelabel option. This is NOT what is offered here: The main frame of reference is the field where it says "Plans and Features," which also refers to the Cosmopolitan plan and has no mention of Whitelabel whatsoever. This plan is offered for a one-off fee of 49 $ vs. 59 €/monthly on our own website. It has been and will stay a great bargain.

    This also brings me to: House rules.

    Most people are friendly, but then again... you know what I am talking about.. ;) The main parts concern abusive behaviour and industries damaging others. Please be sure to read them and feel good about them. We have established them so everyone can feel safe there (including me! ;)).

    Any questions? Let me know!

    Y'all have an ägile day - sunny greets from Munich, Germany

    Kristin [Founder + Product Lead]

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