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    All-in-one AI-powered customer service: resolve up to 70% of customer issues automatically

    Let your customers find solutions and resolve issues 24/7 by automating your customer support.



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    Take your customer service to the next level
    AI-powered customer service with human expertise



    Harness the power of GPT with

    Train a GPT-powered chatbot on your documents in minutes to provide human-like answers about your product or service instantly.

    Simply create articles for your knowledge base portal, sync websites, and upload files.

    Your chatbot learns automatically and provides human-like answers about your product or service instantly.

    Get organized by putting all your customer service resources in one place.

    Centralize your customer service with HelpHub.

    Install our widget on your web app and easily integrate your knowledge base and FAQs, showcase your most popular articles, deliver messages, and add call-to-action buttons.

    Let your customers contact your live support when they need it.

    Switch to live chat if your customers require human assistance. integrates with major chat services, and also enables custom integrations with other chat services.

    Lightning-fast search across documents and articles is possible with

    Enhance customer experience with a quick-access search bar that instantly finds documents and articles from your knowledge base.

    The search bar is accessible from any page, too!

    Open with CMD+K or CTRL+K, or by clicking the input widget.

    Your chatbot learns and synchronizes with content changes.

    Create knowledge base portals and share documentation articles with your customers.

    The GPT chatbot automatically learns from every newly published article.

    Create SEO-optimized blog portals and knowledge bases.

    Execute custom JavaScript functions for 3rd-party integrations or to run custom actions on your app or website.

    Automate your customer support today with!

    From the founders

    First post from founder

    What's up, Sumo-lings! πŸ‘‹

    This is Andrew from

    Excited to share that we've just launched an all-in-one, AI-powered customer service platform:

    Here are a few of the most significant features that we already have to help you automate your customer service:

    βœ… GPT-3 and GPT-4 powered chatbot.

    βœ… Live chat for human handover (integration with 3rd-party live chats).

    βœ… HelpHub widget that centralizes your customer services in one place.

    βœ… Fully functional knowledge base portals that you can host on your own domain.

    βœ… A blog platform.

    βœ… A quick-access search bar (CMD+K shortcut) for instant documentation access from any page of your website.

    βœ… Custom JavaScript functions for 3rd-party integrations or executing any actions on your app or website.

    We have big plans for Some major upcoming features include:

    πŸš€ Our own live chat (to replace the need for a 3rd-party solution).

    πŸš€ Product tours.

    πŸš€ Onboarding tasks (checklists).

    πŸš€ Surveys, customer satisfaction forms, and CSAT.

    πŸš€ Product changelogs.

    Send us your support and feedback! I can't wait to see what you'll do with!

    πŸ‘‰ Read why we created

    πŸ‘‰ AppSumo Lifetime deal FAQ:

    πŸ‘‰ Submit feature requests & roadmap:

    With ❀️,


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