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    Use generative AI to build and launch an online course or academy in a snap

    Let’s be real: your site builder might be good enough for your homepage, but it won’t be able to support building an online course or academy. (“Welp, we’re going to learn today.”)

    And without the coding experience to whip up a digital learning space all by yourself, you’re missing out on opportunities to share and profit from your knowledge.

    Good thing there’s an AI platform that can instantly build all the online courses you want to monetize—fully fleshed out and branded right out of the gate.

    Introducing Augmental Learning.


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    Let learners access an AI learning assistant that explains concepts and closes any learning gaps
    Use generative AI to create lesson plans, resources, and assessments tailored to your learning objectives



    Augmental Learning is an AI-powered platform that helps content creators and educators create, customize, and monetize online courses.

    Generate all your course materials with AI—including everything from the curriculum to test questions—and launch your course in a jiffy.

    Augmental Learning lets you upload your own reference materials to help guide the AI as it creates a new course.

    Before publishing, the platform allows you to review and edit all AI-generated content to make sure it meets your requirements.

    Course generation

    Launch your course fast by generating everything with a learning-focused AI.

    The AI learning assistant can assist struggling learners by explaining concepts, providing tailored feedback, and sharing summaries for any material.

    This feature can boost learning outcomes and reduce dropout rates, without you having to hold someone’s hand the whole time.

    Eager learners can even generate mini-courses on any sub-topic to gain a deeper understanding of your course content.

    AI learning assistant

    Provide your learners personalized help with an adaptive AI learning assistant.

    Access comprehensive analytics from the main dashboard to track how learners are engaging with your courses.

    This dashboard captures data like engagement by content type, average time spent, outcome performance, and so much more on a user-friendly interface.

    You can also drill down on specific lessons, resources, and questions to find any sticking points that need to be addressed.


    Gain valuable insights on learner engagement and performance to refine your course.

    Best of all, Augmental Learning lets you white label your course or academy to fit your brand’s aesthetic.

    You’ll even be able to use a custom domain via CNAME so all your content is associated with your current website.

    Working with multiple clients? You can create sub-accounts for different clients with unique branding to keep everything nice and organized.


    White-label your online learning academy and use a custom domain.

    You shouldn’t have to be a tech wiz to build your own online course or learning academy. (*waves wand* “Coursementi! Did that work??”)

    Lucky for you, Augmental Learning is packed with features to help you build and monetize courses that keep learners engaged from beginning to end.

    Launch your online academy with AI.

    Get lifetime access to Augmental Learning today!

    From the founders

    An update from Augmental Learning

    Hey, Sumo-lings!

    Big news and a massive thank you! 

    Your insights on the deal page and chats with our support team have been pure gold.

    Because of your valuable feedback, we're happy to announce some exciting updates:

    Dive into content creation with zero setup! Our new flow lets you engage with the AI straight away, skipping the course setup hassle. 

    Get savvy with our platform in no time! We've rolled out a comprehensive knowledge base and interactive guides to kickstart your journey.

    We've heard your thoughts on transaction fees loud and clear. The tier structure has been tweaked – take a peek and see what's new!

    Keep the feedback and reviews for Augmental coming. Your voice is shaping our journey, and we're excited to have you with us.

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