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    Automate sales and support with GPT chatbots that read and write to Google Sheets

    The best way to train AI is using structured data, like spreadsheets. Unfortunately, the majority of chatbots rely on PDF and website content, unstructured data that leads to inaccurate responses. Uploading documents isn’t efficient either for lists of frequently changing data that is better served by a database.

    Meet Botsheets — AI chatbots that read spreadsheets to generate responses, while collecting and writing actionable data from a chat session to a spreadsheet.

    You’ll delight customers with more accurate, personalized, AI responses, while AI will delight you as it captures the data you need to nurture leads, deliver support, and help you grow your business.

    You only need to connect a Google Sheet once and you can train AI directly from a Google Drive. If you’re an agency, you only need to share access to a Google Sheet with your clients for them to train AI.


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    Train and manage AI chatbots using Google Sheets
    Let AI collect and capture data from chat sessions in Google Sheets



    Easily train AI without leaving Google Sheets.

    Connect a Google Sheet with lists of data such as your ecommerce products, coupon codes, real estate listings, a restaurant menu, job listings, and more! Add, edit, and delete cells and Botsheets will keep AI in sync with your data while you keep control over the data you share with AI.

    If you have other data sources you want to add to expand your chatbot’s knowledge, no problem. You can also upload PDF’s and scrape webpages too to create a more generalized knowledge base.

    Let AI generate questions to collect and capture data in Google Sheets.

    Say goodbye to old school forms. Just tell AI what data you want to collect from your audience and your chatbot will engage your audience with questions to collect and capture the data in Google Sheets.

    Your chatbot will automatically detect your customer’s language too and respond in 95+ languages.

    Remove Botsheets branding from your end user chat experience with a higher AppSumo Tier.

    Match your brand’s look and feel and pick a conversational tone that AI should use to engage your audience that matches the voice of your brand.

    Drop in one line of code into your website for a chat widget, replace web forms with our page embeds, or add direct links to a full screen conversational experience from your social bios.

    See your chatbot engage through our Recent Activity tab.

    Get an email when a website visitor engages with your chatbot. You can access the chat transcripts for complete context and so you can improve AI by identifying areas for improvement.

    Click through to a Google Sheet and access the key data points your chatbot collected from a chat conversation, or use Webhooks to automatically send data collected to any 3rd party system that can receive JSON data.

    Every business runs on spreadsheets, and now your automated conversational experiences can run on spreadsheets too, with Botsheets!

    Get lifetime access to Botsheets today!

    From the founders

    Deal Update (3/5/24)

    Another exciting update for you Sumo-lings!

    We're happy to add to Tier 3 and support agencies with a custom domain (CNAME) Here is the complete list of the white label agency features now available for this LTD:

    1. Chat widgets/embeds/direct links without Botsheets branding

    2. Replace with your own domain or sub-domain for chat widgets, embeds, and direct links  (CNAME)

    3. A Webhook to get data into 3rd party systems like Pabbly, Zapier, or any other platform with an endpoint to receive JSON data. 

    4. Agency clients can now train their chatbots directly from their own Google Drive without ever accessing the Botsheets dashboard. They can also access all of the data their chatbot collects in Google Sheets. An agency just shares access to their Google Sheet.

    5. We now use a generic domain to send out email notifications when your client's chatbots collect data. Emails are unbranded.

    This should be released on all Tier 3 accounts within 48 hours and we will have the deal page updated accordingly. 

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