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    Create and sell online courses, live classes, bundles, assessments, and shippable products

    A traditional LMS is perfectly fine if all you need to do is slap a few slides together to make your course. (“You call it basic, I call it classic.”)

    But you’ll need more interactive features if you’re going to offer things like skill development classes, live coaching, and assessments.

    If only there was a unified training platform that let you sell courses, live classes, shippable products, and more.

    Introducing BrainCert.


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    Sell interactive online courses, along with live classes, assessments, bundles, and shippable products
    Take advantage of gamification, interactive tools, and real-time analytics to boost course completion rates



    BrainCert is the unified training platform that lets you sell online courses, along with bundles, assessments, live classes, and shippable products.

    Use the drag-and-drop course builder to easily create a custom course with live classes, assessments, and gamification elements—no coding required!

    You can customize learning paths, control access, set completion rules, add explainer videos, and so much more.

    Because BrainCert connects to payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, you’ll be able to sell courses and other offers online.

    Plus, you can set up one-time payments or recurring subscriptions, offer coupons, and analyze sales performance.

    Online courses

    Sell online courses, along with bundles, live classes, shipable products, and more.

    With BrainCert, you can assess learning using cloud-based assessments for academic and professional development certifications.

    Leverage WebRTC technology to offer secure, live, or automated remote test proctoring using high-definition video and session recording.

    Choose from a range of question types like multiple choice, true or false, drag and drop, fill-in-the-blanks, and audio or video questions.

    This platform also helps you administer adaptive tests and share tailored assessments packed with actionable insights for learners.

    Online learning assessments

    Create online assessments with different question types, set up adaptive testing, and proctor tests remotely.

    Create a virtual classroom with engaging learning tools like interactive whiteboards, breakout rooms, and video conferencing.

    Now you can meet diverse educational needs with real-time language support—plus integrations with LaTeX for complex equations and Wolfram|Alpha.

    Even better, BrainCert offers group screen sharing and a code editor for easy collaboration.

    Virtual classroom

    Create virtual classrooms with whiteboards, breakout rooms, and video conferencing.

    Want to engage learners? Take advantage of gamification to increase user engagement and completion rates.

    You can create custom badges, or choose from a list of premade ones, to encourage learners and employees.

    BrainCert also lets you set up leaderboards to encourage healthy competition and boost performance across the board.

    And you’ll be able to assign points, host challenges, and reward learners to motivate them along the way.


    Make learning fun with gamification features like badges, points, and leaderboards.

    BrainCert is packed with everything you need to sell online courses, including live classes, assessments, and shippable products.

    Engage online learners on every level.

    Get lifetime access to BrainCert today!

    From the founders

    First post from founder

    Hey Sumo-lings! 👋

    I'm Yasin, founder of BrainCert, thrilled to introduce our Unified Training Platform™ 2.0 to AppSumo! Imagine your eLearning experience supercharged. 💪

    Why the buzz? We're here to transform online education. Our platform is your eLearning powerhouse - from creating courses, conducting advanced assessments, hosting virtual classrooms, managing emails, crafting landing pages, issuing digital certificates, to incorporating gamification. With BrainCert 2.0, we've equipped it with an Iron Man suit. 🤖✨

    Here’s what’s spectacular for AppSumo customers:

    • Sell More Than Courses: Sell individual courses, bundles (collections of courses with one-time or subscription options, which can be organized into sequential or flexible learning paths), tests & assessments, live classes, and physical products from your store.
    • Branded Marketplace: A complete white-label solution allowing you to create and sell your products in a branded online marketplace.
    • Unified Shopping Cart: Seamlessly sell an array of products. It's equipped for shipping, applying discounts, and points redemption.
    • Global Low-Latency: Worldwide datacenters ensure your live sessions are ultra-responsive, everywhere.
    • AI Course Creation: Introducing an AI-powered course topic and outline generator, making course creation a breeze.
    • Enhanced User Experience: Our sleek design and quick sales process make managing and selling courses easier than ever.
    • Engagement & Retention: Enhance learner engagement with gamification features, and send targeted, trigger-based emails or bulk messages to students.
    • Top-Notch Security: With SOC2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certifications, we guarantee a secure and reliable platform.

    This is for the visionaries and believers in fun, accessible learning. Whether you're growing your enterprise or just starting, we're here to elevate your eLearning journey. 🦸

    Join us in this exciting venture to make online learning engaging and effective. Let's turn education into an adventure together! 🚀

    Cheers, Yasin & The BrainCert Team

    P.S. Check out our roadmap ( Your feedback might just inspire our next innovation!

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