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    Most Verified B2B Data with Intent, 600M Contacts, 12M Direct Dials, Email Campaigns, Org Charts....

    Clodura.AI is an AI-powered sales intelligence platform that gives you access to the world's largest B2B database of over 600M verified B2B emails, 12M direct dials, email campaigns, org charts, LinkedIn integration, and much more.


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    One lead-gen platform to replace any other tool you might need for your lead-gen process
    An AI-powered sales intelligence platform that gives you access to the world's largest B2B database



    AI-Powered Sales Prospecting Platform With Data + Intent + Outreach by Clodura.AI
    Clodura.AI streamlines your lead generation instantly.

    With Clodura.AI, you can search from a B2B database of 18M companies with various filter options. You can search companies on the basis of different parameters.

    Search companies based on:

    1. Revenue
    2. Company name
    3. Industry
    4. Company size
    5. Buyer intent
    6. Company Type
    7. Company HQ location
    8. Search ISVs
    9. Search cross industries like Healthtech, Edtech, Fintech, Retailtech, etc.
    10. Advanced filters that are uniquely designed to help you search companies better

    Get an exhaustive company report that includes:

    1. Company Industry
    2. Company size
    3. Latest funding
    4. Technologies used
    5. Products used
    6. Jobs and patterns
    7. Buyer intent
    8. Sales triggers
    9. Org charts

    Buyer Intent

    Find which companies and contacts are looking to buy your services. Take advantage of the most powerful sales intent to help you identify your next customer.

    Contacts Data

    Search through 18M companies and 600M contacts using advanced search filters.

    Find your future customers easily and quickly.

    Clodura.AI has the world's largest B2B database of 600M contacts and 12M direct dials.

    Clodura.AI’s reliable business data is verified to deliver 95% accuracy so that sales teams hit their target with ultra-precision.

    Enjoy advanced filters that will blow your mind. There is almost nothing that you cannot search with these filters.

    Search Filters

    1. Contact name
    2. Seniority and function
    3. Contact location
    4. Company parameters
    5. Technology parameters
    6. Intent & hiring areas
    7. Tags & website keywords
    8. Funding


    Automate your sales outreach to reach out to more prospects. Clodura.AI lets you track and analyze the views and responses to all of your emails.

    Technographic Data

    Find various products used by various companies. Technographic segmentation comes standard with Clodura.AI and features over 15,000 technologies.

    Org Charts

    Understand who exactly the decision-maker is and shorten your sales cycle.

    Our sales intelligence is second to none.

    Build a sales pipeline to turn your leads into customers.

    • Technographic Data

    Clodura.AI maintains and tracks install-base data of over 15,000 technology products in various categories like CRM, Marketing Automation Platform, ERP, analytics, advertising, hosting, CMS, design, etc.

    • Direct Dials

    Get access to 60M direct dials today. Do not lose your precious selling time dealing with gatekeepers and switchboards. Give your sales the chance to reach and connect with the decision-makers directly. Give yourself the power of direct dial phone numbers.

    • Org Chart

    Understand who exactly is the decision-maker with the help of Clodura’s org chart feature. Knowing your prospect better inevitably results in closing the deals faster and better.

    • Sales Qualified Intent

    Hyper-target your prospects with business signals like RFPs, hiring areas, layoffs, job changes of decision-makers, IPO, product launch, conference participation, partnerships, and more.

    • Outreach

    Enjoy a fully functional outreach engine to automate your email sequences.

    Take your sales engagement tools and strategies to the next level.

    Killer Sales Cadence to Book More Meetings

    Increase your sales velocity with the right message at the right time for sales prospecting. Clodura.AI’s killer email Cadence features help to generate more interactions and book more meetings.

    Book More Meetings

    Eliminate hours of manual effort spent every day on creating & sending sales outreach emails and follow-ups. Automate your sales outreach by setting timed email cadence and connecting with maximum prospects.

    Analyze Your Performance

    Track & analyze email opens, clicks & replies for all your sent emails. Find out the messages & campaigns that have yielded the best results. Re-use your most effective and favorite sales emails as templates.

    Connect Your Mailbox

    Clodura.AI seamlessly integrates with the email apps you love. Connect your mailbox and other email-sending apps to keep in sync with every email sent & received.

    We're proud of our extensive list of integrations.

    The pain of working with many apps leads to lowering productivity and reduced efficiency.

    Clodura.AI has designed its platform to integrate with as many CRMs that most sales and marketing departments engage within their organization. We empathize with the need to work from a single platform that can keep a track of the targeted list of your most viable prospects to create a strong sales pipeline. Integration with the extensive CRMs helps make your task easier and creates an adaptable and integrated workflow with crucial data to boost your team’s efficiency. 

    Whether you are an SMB or a huge organization, integrating with the CRMs on our platform can streamline business operations and increase the value of every customer interaction.

    With a CRM of your choice from our exhaustive list, you can:

    • Deliver a personalized and delightful experience to close deals faster.
    • Scale your sales when you leverage Clodura’s integrated CRM apps.
    • Automatically enhance the various contacts with up-to-date and fresh data.

    CRM Integration-High-quality deals and opportunities. Your sales funnel is aligned with your company's strategic goals. 

    From the founders



    Founder & CEO

    First post from Founder

    Hey Sumo-lings, 

    I am Kapil Khangaonkar , Founder and CEO of Clodura.AI. I am happy to launch the world's best Leadgen Automation Platform for you today!! 

    I have been a sales person for over 20 years now. If you ask people what is the most difficult thing in sales, many would say closing deals. I would say, closing deals is easy if you get me right person on the table, that too consistently. So, it all boils down to setting up quality meetings with  your prospects on a consistent basis. 

    That’s what exactly Clodura.AI helps you do. Clodura.AI gives you access to world's largest B2B database across the globe.  

    • Over 220M contacts, Emails and Mobile Phone numbers.  
    • You can also use the Clodura Extension on Chrome to mine data using free LinkedIn or Sales Navigator, if you like (Honestly, you would not need any other subscription if you have Clodura). 
    • Clodura also has world's largest collection of Mobile Number. With the platform, you will  have access to over 12M Mobile Phone Numbers available in the platform.
    • It also gives you most advanced Anti-spam Email Sender which lets you send emails that reach more inboxes than spam boxes. You can configure your own email account in this and start sending emails right away.  
    • Get full Advanced Analytics of your campaigns, with readymade list of all soft leads that you should further follow up with Calling and LinkedIn. 
    • You also get access to Org Charts of over 18M companies. See who the decision makers are and reach out to them accordingly. 
    • Sales Intent lets you identify companies that are looking for specific services.
    • Sales triggers track each company on a daily basis and helps you find what's happening with them. 
    • Technographics lets you find companies using certain products from a range of over 15000 products. AWS, SAP, Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics…they are all included.
    • Hiring Analytics tells you which companies are looking to build large teams, along with  exact technologies they need. Java, Python, DotNet, Swift…they are all available. 

    All these goodies are bundled in one Seamless Intelligent Sales Platform - Clodura.AI

    In our Launch offer, you get all these benefits for just $49 / Lifetime

    • You will be able to unlock 1,000 emails per month. If the email id comes as 'Guessed', then the credit is not counted
    • Direct Dials available in the platform can be seen when you unlock an email id.
    • CSV upload from of your own data is now available in this plan. 

    Please look at a quick demo video that we have built for you here.

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