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    Data privacy platform for complying with privacy laws and building trust with users to drive growth

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    Discover Concord, the comprehensive data privacy platform that simplifies compliance with global regulations and enhances user trust.

    Concord offers a seamless solution for GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, LGPD, and more, with a full suite of tools to manage user consent, privacy requests, and data mapping.


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    Streamlines data privacy compliance across global regulations with advanced consent management and privacy request handling
    Boost efficiency with real-time data mapping and seamless integration



    Streamline your site’s compliance with Concord’s flexible consent management tools.

    Full privacy compliance

    Concord simplifies compliance with a powerful data privacy platform that builds trust and drives growth, adapting to regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and more.

    • Modern branded cookie consent and privacy experience for your users
    • Easy configuration and customization with a no-code setup
    • Automatic updates to comply with new privacy laws and regulations
    Enhance user trust with Concord's advanced consent management tools, ensuring compliance with global privacy laws.

    Comply with global privacy regulations

    Concord's customizable consent banner and unified privacy center helps you stay ahead of evolving global data privacy regulations.

    • Real-time scanning to automatically detect new cookies and scripts
    • Adapt to global standards with location detection and auto blocking
    • Customized for your brand and deployed in minutes
    Manage data privacy requests efficiently with Concord's guided workflows.

    Streamline privacy request handling

    Concord's automated system simplifies the management of privacy requests, enhancing compliance and operational efficiency.

    • Verify identities to ensure request legitimacy
    • Automate request fulfillment with guided workflows
    • Maintain detailed logs for audits and compliance
    Streamline your compliance with Concord's efficient data mapping for regulatory readiness.

    Organize your data with confidence

    With Concord's guided data mapping, easily track and manage your organizational data for internal reporting, compliance, and audits.

    • Comprehensively document systems and data usage
    • Support regulation-ready reporting with an expansive list of legal-reviewed attributes
    • Simplify privacy request handling with automatic task generation

    Step into the future of data privacy management with Concord and strengthen your compliance strategy today!

    From the founders

    Introducing Concord to the Sumo-ling Community

    Hey Sumo-lings!  🚀

    This is Dash with Concord. We are excited to launch a time-limited offer to the Sumo-ling community. Our team is made up of industry leaders and innovators that have designed, built, and implemented some of the industry’s top marketing and cloud solutions from Oracle, Adobe, Amazon, and others. We know how how hard it can be to build trust with prospects and users in a crowded marketplace and how daunting regulations can be. That’s why we built Concord. Our powerful data privacy platform enables you to:

    - **🔒 Easily Comply With Global Privacy Regulations:** Designed to simplify compliance, our platform ensures you're always a step ahead of ever-evolving data privacy regulations.

    - **✅ Build & Nurture Trust:** Trust equals growth and our platform helps you cultivate trust, driving more sign-ups and turning users into loyal advocates for your brand.

    As fellow builders, we also understand the challenges that growing companies with limited resources face. While larger enterprise companies usually have access to solutions like Concord, they are often far too expensive and way too hard to implement correctly for most companies. Things like data privacy and compliance take a back seat and trust and growth suffer as a result. That makes it even harder to compete and take a company to the next level. We are here to help change that.

    Ready to secure your future by prioritizing privacy and compliance and using trust to drive real growth? We will be there every step of the way with you.

    Have any questions we can answer? We are always an email at or a chat message away.

    Thanks Sumo-lings! Let’s build and grow together, creating a safer, more secure future for all of us.



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