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    Use AI to generate custom code for your business to save time and money on development

    When you’re not a coder, developing custom software sounds like cruel and unusual punishment. (“Looks like I’m sentenced to syntax error purgatory.”)

    And because building tools can cost thousands of dollars and take years to get off the ground, you’re already falling behind the competition.

    Wish there was an AI-powered platform that could take you from concept to viable product in weeks, not months?

    Introducing Flatlogic Generator.


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    Take advantage of AI to generate custom business software and reach MVP in record time
    Hold onto all the open-source code and keep developing new features whenever you want to



    Flatlogic Generator is an AI platform that generates code for custom software like CRMs and ERPs that you can deploy across platforms.

    With plain English, Flatlogic Generator’s AI can instantly turn concepts into code, saving you hundreds of hours in development time.

    Create apps or engineer your own CRM software that can process payments, offer virtual tours, engage new clients, and more.

    You can go from kick-off to MVP in a month, with a fully realized plan that covers UX design, data models, test environment deployment, and everything in between.

    Real estate CRM

    Flatlogic Generator’s AI makes it easy to generate CRMs, apps, and so much more.

    Your ideas are at the core of your business software, so you’ll always have full control over the source code.

    Flatlogic Generator’s AI automatically generates 70% of your code, focusing on the fundamentals to maximize speed and efficiency.

    Customize the rest of your code using flexible workflows that let you tailor the software to fit your company’s unique needs.

    That means you’ll be able to build websites and ecommerce storefronts with all the features you need to grow your online business.


    Tailor the AI-generated code to build websites that fit your unique business needs.

    After you’ve created all this shiny, new code, it’s easy to tweak your app or software without any restrictions.

    Automate redundant tasks, analyze data with the IoT dashboard, and use predictive algorithms to stay on trend.

    Plus, you’ll have access to full-stack components and dozens of templates to design the perfect tools for your business.

    IOT dashboard

    Take advantage of the IoT dashboard to monitor data across multiple devices.

    Once you’ve got all the bells and whistles in place, you’ll be able to deploy your new app anytime, anywhere.

    Got more ideas? You can always keep developing and adding new features to take your app to the next level.

    Whether you’re building a marketplace for the first time or developing another e-learning platform, the sky’s the limit with Flatlogic Generator.

    E-Learning platform

    Use AI-generated code to build out complex products, like an e-learning platform.

    Leverage Flatlogic Generator’s AI to develop custom software and apps for your business, without stretching your team or your budget thin.

    Generate new, original code.

    Get lifetime access to Flatlogic Generator today!

    From the founders

    An update from Flatlogic

    Thanks for signing up to Flatlogic Generator in the last few days during our AppSumo campaign. We know it has not been perfect, so we want to share some insights and updates with you.

    First off, thank you so much for your support! Our recent AppSumo campaign has surpassed our expectations significantly:

    - We’ve made around 200 sales,

    - Welcomed 490 new signups,

    - Processed 28 refunds,

    - Answered 137 questions,

    - And received 6 reviews.

    All within less than 72 hours. This excitement keeps us in the 1-3 spots on AppSumo’s “What’s Hot” list continuously.

    This unexpected surge in demand has brought its challenges:

    - Our customer support is currently overwhelmed. All support requests are initially handled by AI and reviewed by a human within 24 hours. This has been tough to manage with a 20x spike in demand.

    - The engineering team is stretching our server resources and addressing bugs to keep up with this increased activity.

    Just to let you know - we are excited to continue to make improvements to Flatlogic and are here for the long haul, that being said, we are bootstrapped and not venture backed, so our team is working hard to handle the volume of support and development.  We appreciate your patience and look forward to working together!

    However, we are committed to evolving our service:

    - We’re gearing up to enable AI-driven modifications (the most requested feature), so you can update apps more dynamically soon.

    - All support requests will be reviewed by a human and answered as soon as we possibly can.

    Your feedback has been incredibly valuable. We are updating our roadmap: https://flatlogic.com/forum/threads/category/roadmap based on your suggestions to enhance your experience with Flatlogic.

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