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    Send assignments of all types to people outside your organization

    GetAssigned is an assignment management tool to quickly send assignments of all types to people outside your organization.

    This means you can send a project, lead, or task to multiple others business or freelancer, keep track of it and communicate all in one platform. Just create an assignment, add the info, and send it to any email address.


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    Send customized assignments to people outside of your organization
    Send a project to another business or freelancer, while keeping track of it and communicating all in one platform



    Send an assignment using just an email - no more waiting for them to accept an invite or create an account.

    Making an assignment is as easy as sending an email. And, Assignees don’t even need an account to get started.

    All the details are included via email and the assignment is saved on the platform if they ever decide to create an account.

    Assignments can be structured however you want.

    Every project has its own fields that assignments can share, including attachments.

    Add as many fields as you want to make sure everything is accounted for.

    Assign unlimited things to unlimited people in multiple projects across multiple organizations

    Unlimited assignments, unlimited assignees.

    Turn all your to-dos into checkmarks and maximize the potential of the people you work with knowing they will understand what needs to be done.

    Communicate about each assignment with or without an account.

    Add comments to each assignment on the platform or through email. This capability allows a freelancer to reply to the assignment without creating an account.

    Manage people outside your organization faster.

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    From the founders

    Welcome to GetAssigned

    Mike Simpson here. If you're wondering, this has been my nights and weekends project for almost two years now. I started building 'GetAssigned' because as I helped clients, I kept running into an issue assigning / keeping track of leads and tasks sent to other organizations.

    Whether it's a lead that you have generated or a task, It's always been difficult to manage assignments for other business, so to help me and my clients, I built this. Over the last few months, I've spoken with a TON of people about the topic and the idea has evolved from a simple solution to a personal problem, to a platform that lets companies assign anything to anyone... Emphasis on anyone.

    I'm excited allow you to try it today, and for anyone who signs up, the lifetime plan purchased will give you access all future improvements and features to our Business Plan.

    Thanks and I appreciate all your support!

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