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    Shared Inbox and Knowledge Base for B2B startups & small businesses - easy to use and lighting fast

    GoDesk is an all-in-one shared email help desk and Knowledge base.

    Providing great support to your users is a must - but multiple agents in the same mailbox gets confusing fast. GoDesk is a shared email help desk that takes the guess work out of support.


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    A simple and manageable customer support app made specifically for growing B2B companies
    Make your existing email workflows assignable, actionable, and measurable



    Stay on top of all your tickets.

    GoDesk takes your customer's support emails and converts them into tickets. These can be tracked and worked on by agents much more effectively than in a shared mailbox.

    Save time and effort with canned text: handy pre-composed replies for common questions. Your customer's entire support history is right next to the ticket so you can always have all the information you need.

    Get both high-level and detailed overviews.

    GoDesk's built in reporting gives you an instant full overview of your team's performance.

    See how efficiently tickets are handled, your best performing agents, and how satisfied your customers are in one place.

    GoDesk meets all the compliance standards.

    Enjoy enterprise-grade security: GoDesk gives you full control over your data with encryption at rest and encryption in transit. Fully GDPR and CCPA compliant.

    Unlock GoDesk today and start giving your users the support experience they deserve.

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    From the founders

    Welcome to GoDesk

    Hey AppSumo,

    I'm Tom; the founder of GoDesk. When I looked around for support software for my business, I noticed there were plenty of options for B2C or e-commerce businesses. But, there wasn't a solution made for B2B companies.

    If your customers are other companies, GoDesk is the support tool for you. Our platform is built to be easy to use and quick to get set up on.

    We're not a silicon valley company, making you pay for functionality you won't use. It's just the right amount of product.

    Your customers deserve GoDesk.



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