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    Boost your productivity with this all-in-one project management platform.

    Opening all the apps you need for work shouldn’t give your laptop a workout. (“I feel the burn. No seriously, this is overheating.”)

    Between toggling through dozens of tabs and wasting precious real estate with different apps, you’re doing too much to get your work done.

    If only there was a productivity suite with all the tools and project management features you need in one place?

    Say hello to liftOS.


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    Access three beautifully designed productivity tools in one place
    Integrate your Google Workspace, Miro boards, and anything else you can embed in the platform



    liftOS is a productivity suite that lets you organize projects, tasks, notes, files, and tools in one place.

    Everything you need, in one place

    With liftOS, you’ll get three built-in productivity tools that help you manage projects, create wikis, and organize files in one place.

    • Create, assign, and track projects in the same workspace
    • Store documents, files, and media to have everything you need right at your fingertips
    • Document company procedures by creating wikis in a Notion-like interface

    Productivity tools

    Boost your productivity with tools designed to help you manage tasks, notes, and files.

    Embed your favorite tools

    Stop working with multiple tabs! This software lets you integrate productivity tools and access them without leaving your workspace.

    • Connect your Google Workspace to access Google Drive, Docs, Slides, and Sheets
    • Integrate Miro to collaborate with your team using digital whiteboards


    Integrate your favorite productivity tools to access them in one workspace.

    Customize your workspace

    We all work differently, which is why liftOS lets you customize your workspace to meet your needs and style preferences.

    • Create folders and add the apps you need to get the job done
    • Activate the split view to review different tools, tasks, and notes side by side
    • Switch between light or dark mode, and add a background or wallpaper to your workspace


    Customize your workspace in whatever way makes you feel most productive.

    Search through everything, all at once

    • Find any task, note, or document in your workspace
    • Search your Google Drive, Miro, and other integrated tools to find the files you need

    And because liftOS is designed to bring all your work together, you’ll be able to get more done in less time.

    Universal search

    You’ll be able to search through all your files and tools in seconds.

    With your customizable liftOS workspace, you can work with essential apps, create documentation, and manage your files.

    Do it all in one place.

    Get lifetime access to liftOS today!

    From the founders

    First post from founder

    Dear Sumo-lings 👋🏼,

    My team and I are very excited about this opportunity to share what we have been building with you and continue improving it together onwards with your feedback.

    We are a startup with a team of software nerds who weren't satisfied with the existing productivity solutions. Too complicated, too much to manage, even too ugly at times..

    Productivity is beautiful and effective in its most simple form. Using more tools causes more fatigue and reduces productivity. So we wanted to build a software that can easily connect to other tools, organize them, and make them searchable and workable from one place.

    So we embarked on the journey to build liftOS to be OS for productivity. Starting from the first principles, we designed, and re-designed for months - always testing with our users, and we finally managed to find the simplest, yet most effective format for operating your tools, organizing your Workspace and working with your team.

    We are working on a few more components to our operating system to launch this Summer to enhance interactions & speed up work like: Global Chat & a line of AI "employees" that can assist you in daily work and create new spaces, folders, apps and content inside Apps right inside liftOS among some other exciting updates planned.

    Also our infrastructure is ready to start adding more integration - so we want your feedback on which tools you'd love to work with inside liftOS!

    Our vision is that liftOS becomes an open platform for builders to ship their productivity software inside and our users to discover, adopt, manage and operate various software directly inside liftOS in harmony. Reducing tool & information chaos by offering a operating layer to all of the tools.

    By using liftOS, you are not only using our software but joining our journey to create a more productive work environment, daily.

    We promise to be 100% feedback-driven, ship weekly & support you thoroughly if you need something from us.

    Thank you for using our software ❤️ it means a lot

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